Start of Crypto WINTER?! What You NEED To Know!!

Jan 30, 2022

Hey Folks,

Happy Sunday to you all!

There is no doubt that sentiment is subdued in the crypto markets. People are wondering whether we are likely to see a recovery at some point or whether we will bumble along towards a greater fall when the Fed starts hiking those rates.

However, I have seen many others openly wondering whether we are indeed heading for a much more pronounced "crypto winter". An extended period of low prices and lower sentiment. One that could last for a year of more.

Well, the best way to analyse this would be to view the current market conditions in the context of what happened back in 2018 - the last crypto winter.

What are we facing today and how have things changed? Could the fall be as aggressive and how quickly could we see a recovery?

This is exactly what I will be covering in my video today. I will be comparing the previous crypto winter to the market conditions that we are experiencing right now and analysing what this means. I will also be breaking down exactly where we are in the market cycle and giving my thoughts on what could be driving prices over the next year.

So, if you are uncertain about the state of the crypto markets right now then this video cannot be missed!

P.S. Hope you enjoy that disclaimer and outro 😉


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