Terra: LUNA & UST Potential!! Where To in 2022??

Feb 01, 2022

Hey Guys,

Those of you who are subscribed to my weekly newsletter will know that I hold UST as part of my personal crypto portfolio. That's because UST is a decentralised stablecoin that can't be frozen or manipulated the same way centralised stablecoins can. This all thanks to Terra.

In this week's addition of the newsletter, I said that I was actively considering LUNA given the demand that there will likely be to mint UST.

Terra is easily one of my favourite crypto projects and I've been doing my best to keep up with all the updates. There's been quite a backlog so I figured it was time to do an update video, and of course that's what I have for you here.

I take you through some of the most important updates, partnerships, integrations and developments. I also analyse the long-term demand that we are likely to see for UST and how that could impact on the price of LUNA.

There are also one or two concerns I raise - mainly about transparency of the market making practices of Terra entities.

I will also mention that this video was shot last week which is before the latest FUD about the Wonderland treasury (something I mentioned on Twitter yesterday). However, I don't think that this is likely to have any long-term impact on the demand for UST.

Hope you enjoy!


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