The Coming CRASH?! Why The Fed MUST BE WATCHED!!

Apr 19, 2022

Hey Guys,

Although the markets are looking good today, I would caution that there are still some things that could ruin the party. One of the most relevant of which is of course the Fed.

Moved by the Fed have more recently been weighing on the traditional markets. And, as we have seen with such a high correlation, moves in the stock market translate to moves in crypto.

The Fed pulled a 180 on its monetary policy in November, and in March many Fed officials were vocal about raising interest rates more aggressively than investors had initially priced in. This has led to a lot of uncertainty in the markets.

When you look under the hood however, it's questionable as to how much the Fed can raise rates before something in the economy breaks, and this belief is a big part of why the markets haven't been crashing more.

This begs the question: what is the Fed planning to do next? When will they make their next move? And what effects could this all have on the crypto market?

Today I answer these exact questions. Be warned, you may not like the answers...


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