The Perfect Cryptocurrency: This is What It Looks Like!!

Aug 14, 2022

Take a moment to think about your favorite cryptocurrencies. Are any of them perfect?

Probably not, but I bet each of them as at least one feature that you would consider perfect. That's ultimately why many of us have diversified crypto portfolios (including me).

Now, what if a crypto project came along and put all these perfect features together?

Some would say it's only a matter of time, so to accelerate the process I decided to put together a video where I talk about the perfect features of a perfect cryptocurrency.

To be clear, this cryptocurrency does not exist yet, and maybe it never will. However, I think it's more than likely that something like it will eventually come along, and I reckon it's a good idea to know what this perfect crypto will look like so you don't miss out.

Obviously I am not the arbiter of perfection by any means, so if you have any thoughts, comments, or concerns, I would love for you to drop a comment in the comment section.

Who knows, maybe we will build the perfect crypto together.


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