The WEF's New Plan For The Future: 15 Minute Cities!!

Jan 15, 2023

Hey Guys,

Have you heard about the idea of 15 minute cities? Well, you'd be forgiven for thinking that its only about making life easier, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly. In reality, the concept has it's roots in some concerning ideas and institutions.

The WEF is just one of many institutions that has been behind this new dystopian idea, but it doesn't appear to be the primary entity behind the push. That's because it looks like the public sector has been the primary proponent, with most major cities involved.

That's why the concept of 15 minute cities only started going viral late last year. That's when Oxfordshire announced disturbing details about its own 15 minute city. The powers that be have been trying to suppress this story, so I decided to cover it.

This is a video you cannot miss!


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