They're BUYING!! Institutions BULLISH on Crypto!! Pump Next!?

Mar 30, 2022

Lot's going on in the crypto space - that's for certain.

However, there is one trend that has been taking shape over the past year. A trend that cannot be ignored.

That's the mass institutional adoption that we have been witnessing. From Banks to Hedge Funds. Fund Managers to Pension funds - and much more in-between.

In just the past month we have seen some of the most storied names in the TradeFi space diving into the crypto markets. This is not only confirmed by their official disclosures, but also by what is happening from market / onchain data.

The main question is though: What impact is this likely to have on the markets? And could we see many more TradeFi titans wading into the market?

This is exactly what I attempt to answer in my latest video. I look at some of the latest examples of institutions making moves in the crypto space. I then analyse the data and break down the implications of this adoption.

I also have a few of my thoughts about which of the institutions could be next - some that most may have been ignoring.

So, if you guys are interested in finding out what some of these largest players in the space are up to - then this is a vid you cannot afford to miss!


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