This BITCOIN Whale Won’t Stop!! What’s Their End Game?

Apr 01, 2024

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It’s hard to think of a single person more bullish on Bitcoin than former Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor.

Since the company’s first purchase of BTC back in 2020, Saylor has quickly become one of the most influential figureheads for its adoption. In fact, Microstrategy has been raking in so much BTC lately that today it owns more than 1% of the 21 million BTC supply that will ever exist.

This could be a scary thought at first, until you realise just how much Saylor values the promise of Bitcoin. Put simply, he never plans to sell any of it, and only wants more.

That’s why today’s video will take a look at Microstrategy, how Michael Saylor’s bullishness is helping to prop up BTC, and what could happen next.

This is a video you cannot miss!


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