This is What Comes Next From The Fed! Impact on Markets?!

Oct 02, 2022

As you all know the central banks have been the biggest movers of the crypto market since... well, since ever it seems! Bitcoin was created in response to the monetary policy of central banks, and I suppose we're seeing BTC be tested at the other extreme.

Jerome Powell's recent press conference was a perfect example of this extreme. He came out as hawkish as ever - swearing to raise interest rates as much as it takes to crush inflation. Crypto crash? Stock crash? Currency crash? Recession? The Fed doesn't care!

It seems the headlines only captured a handful of Jerome's hawkishness, hence why I decided to break the entire press conference down just for you. As you'll soon see, Jerome made a bunch of other interest comments that could have implications for the markets.

When will the Fed stop this madness? Stay tuned until the end to find out!


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