This Week in Crypto: Grayscale Unlock, XRP, Tether & More!!

Jul 19, 2021

👬Bogdanoffs And Bitcoin👬

The infamous Bogdanoff brothers said they were in contact with Satoshi Nakamoto through a Japanese scientist and played a role in Bitcoin’s development in its early days

😱Grayscale GBTC Unlock😱

The recent downturn in the crypto market has GBTC investors selling their shares like mad, and this means that over 40 000 BTC will be unlocked from Grayscale’s trust and put back on the market. Over 16 000 of these BTC were unlocked yesterday, and so far it’s had no effect on price

🕵️‍♂️Apple Bitcoin Rumors🕵️‍♂️

There is a rumor that Apple had purchased more than 2.5 billion in Bitcoin. Obviously, this has not been confirmed, but there is some evidence to suggest that a Bitcoin buy could be on the table

💱Uniswap On Optimism💱

Uniswap is the first major Ethereum dApp to deploy on Optimism, though there is a limit on the number of trades the DEX can handle per day, as well as the assets it can currently support

👛Polygon Coinbase Wallet Integration👛

Last week, the Coinbase Wallet announced that it had enabled native support for Polygon, Ethereum’s side chain of choice. This foreshadows native integration with the Coinbase exchange ⚖Regulators To Discuss Stablecoins Today⚖ It’s likely US regulators will ask all stablecoin issuers to obtain a banking charter or similar by a certain date, else they will not be legally allowed to serve US citizens in any way This should be pretty easy for companies like Circle and Paxos to do, meaning USDC and PAX will not be affected, possibly not even Binance’s BUSD which is provided by Paxos as well ⚔ Binance’s Battles Continue⚔ Binance has been cut off from its European payments provider named Clear Junction. This means that it is no longer possible to deposit or withdraw fiat on Binance using a bank account if you live in Europe

📚SEC Gets Rekt By Ripple📚

Ripple’s win last week involves the deposition of the former SEC chairman Bill Hinam, who said that Ethereum was not a security because its QUOTE ‘sufficiently decentralized’ back in 2018

🌧Weekly Crypto Market Forecast🌧

For the market to reverse, I believe we need to see Bitcoin dominance go higher, possibly to the mid 50 percent range. This week’s winners are NEM, Ravencoin, the OkEx token, Hedera Hashgraph, and Axie Infinity


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