This Week in Crypto: Robinhood, DOGE, Binance & More!!

Jul 05, 2021

⚖Binance Crackdown Continues⚖

Countries are continuing their crackdown on Binance’s global operations. Japan, Canada, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom have all issued warnings since the start of the year, and now Thailand and the Cayman Islands have joined in on the fun

🌎Coinbase On The Rise🌎

Coinbase is making the most of Binance’s regulatory woes by opening the door to new assets and services. In a blog post, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong explained that the exchange will be fast tracking it’s listing process, add exchange support for more countries and regions, and build a crypto app store

🤑Mexican Bank Wants Bitcoin🤑

Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas wants his bank to be the first in Mexico to accept Bitcoin, and that idea isn’t sitting too well with Mexican regulators

🏦Bitcoin Available At US Banks🏦

New York Digital Investment Group has partnered with payments firm National Cash Register to bring Bitcoin trading to over 650 banks across the United States

👮‍♂️Robinhood Gets Shafted👮‍♂️

Robinhood has been slapped with a 70 million dollar fine by the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This is the highest fine ever for the offences in question

💸Twitter NFT Airdrop💸

These 140 NFTs were minted on Rarible, and they were given to the lucky users chosen by whoever operates Twitter’s official account

💱Circle’s USDC Continues To Grow💱

Circle has also secured some serious partnerships since the start of the year. The most recent of these is Circle’s partnership with, which makes it possible for users in 30 countries to purchase USDC using dollars directly from their bank accounts

☀Weekly Crypto Market Forecast☀

Turning to the crypto market we can see that Bitcoin is continuing to follow the Wyckoff accumulation price pattern As reported by CoinTelegraph, this price pattern suggests another 6 weeks of semi-sideways action before we move back to the upside. This week’s winners are Titanswap, XinFin Network, Compound, The Internet Computer, and Aave


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