TOP 10 BEST Crypto Apps: What's On My Phone!!

Sep 08, 2021

💳 Bidali 💳

This crypto app is all about buying gift cards with crypto. But why would you want to do that? Well, you might want to treat yourself to a little something and earn cashback on buying that giftcard.

💶 Swissborg 💶

This is the easiest way I’ve found to buy and sell crypto. Personally, I have been able to cashout using the app and the funds have hit my bank account in minutes! Also, you can earn over 10% interest on your crypto here.

📈 FTX Exchange App 📈

FTX is one of the largest and reputable crypto exchanges in the world. These chaps have recently raised over $900 million in one of the largest crypto funding rounds to date. It supports a plethora of different crypto with a wide range of trading pairs. The mobile app itself is one of the most functional I have seen. Also, you have access to order features on the main exchange which allow you to execute more advanced trading strategies. Also, you should know that FTX and FTX US have two completely separate apps.

👛 Trust Wallet 👛

This wallet is completely non-custodial, which means you have control over those private keys. Trust Wallet was deemed so secure that Binance chose it as its official mobile wallet. This app supports over 1 million crypto assets - so, you’ll probably be able to store any crypto you want here. It also supports ERC 721 and ERC 1155 tokens too - good news for those NFT dabblers. Also, you can stake cryptos here to earn passive income. It also comes with an inbuilt dapp browser for those that want to DeFi

📊 Blockfolio 📊

This app has actually been rebranded as FTX. Anyhow, the app makes it super easy to monitor your portfolio positions. It also has an inbuilt news aggregator. That’s particularly useful for those that trade on news. The ‘Signals’ feature also allows you to receive announcements from projects and the FTX app gives you access to a ton of crypto price data too.

💸 Celsius 💸

At Celsius, you can supply crypto and earn interest rates as high as 17.78%!

📱 Telegram 📱

Almost every crypto project has an official Telegram group. These are damn useful for keeping up to date with the latest developments and monitoring sentiment in the community.

😊 Reddit 😊

There are a load of crypto fans here sharing their thoughts on the crypto sub Reddit. Also, chaps like me sometimes do AMAs.

🦎 CoinGecko🦎

This is the home of crypto pricing data and is the perfect app for those wanting to do data driven research.

🏧 CoinATMradar 🏧

Where is your nearest crypto ATM? Get this app and you’ll know the answer to that question.

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