TOP 5 BEST Crypto Events & Conferences in 2022!!

Nov 09, 2021

Hey Guys,

Sometimes it can be a pretty isolating experience in the crypto markets. Mostly an online sphere where we interact with each other digitally. There are generally little opportunities to meet like-minded individuals in an interactive setting.

This was further compounded by the impacts of the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions that we saw over the past 2 years.

However, now that these have eased and people are able to travel again, it does bring with it the opportunity for the crypto community to come together. And one of the best ways to do this is through crypto conferences and events.

So far this year we have had a number of blockchain and crypto events that have been sellouts. Thousands of crypto fans have got together to share ideas, discuss the hottest trends and meet likeminded individuals.

So, given all of this, I thought it was fitting to take a look into some of the most exciting conferences and meetups that are being scheduled for next year. Classics like Bitcoin Miami & Consensus to lesser-known events which offer the most bang for your sat.

In my video, I give you a rundown of each event including the following:

- What it's about
- Highlights from previous events
- Who is speaking
- Dates, Venues & Other details
- Cost

All of this is to help you guys plan in advance for those exciting events that are taking place next year. I will also be attending some of these so I hope to run into you there 😉

Hope you enjoy!


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🌴 Bitcoin Miami 🌴

This conference is hosted by Bitcoin Magazine. Here is a fun fact about that publication - it was co-founded by Vitalik Biterin back in 2011. In 2021, it was the first major crypto conference in the US since the lockdowns were lifted. The lineup of speakers here included the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Nick Szabo and the legendary billionaire co-founder of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor. So, some really high-profile names. However, if you attend this one, then just be aware that it will naturally be full of Bitcoin maximalists. But if you are cool with that, then 2022 is going to be significantly cheaper than the 2021 event. Also, Adam Back, the product director of Square crypto and Michael Saylor have already been confirmed as speakers for next year.

🔮 Token 2049 🔮

This event holds two conferences annually. One in Singapore and one in London. The recent London event hosted a range of interesting talks like how the gambling market could be disrupted by going on-chain to the institutionalization of crypto capital markets. OF course there were many talks on why DeFi is the future of finance, oracles, NFTs, crypto and gaming, scaling solutions, the crypto regulatory landscape and more. What’s great about this conference is that there are a plethora of talks on different topics. Topics that many crypto dabblers are probably going to be interested in, to help them optimise their portfolios. The point is that Token 2049 holds a well rounded conference, with talks on some of the most topical themes in the crypto space. That’s something I think most people could get value from.

🤝 Consensus 🤝

This event is yet another case of a top crypto publication holding a conference - in this case Coin Desk. In 2021, this was a completely virtual event - thanks to the problems we are having in the world. So, things looked a bit different here this year, with a bunch of regional focused talks and the foundations of key projects talking about their latest developments. Consensus 2022 will however return to an in person format and still has the pulling power to attract the biggest names in crypto. Early adopter tickets are available right now at a discounted price - so you might want to grab that whilst you can!

💰 MoneyConf 💰

This event is a little different; it is not squarely a crypto conference. However, it does act as an intersection between the crypto and traditional financial worlds. This year, there were over 20 tracks on offer, with the most relevant ones for crypto guys being open banking, saving, spending and lending and cashless futures. Honestly, this event brings some of the biggest names in tech and traditional finance, alongside crypto guys like the CEO of SoRare and Alex Mashinsky of Celsius.

🐪 Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai 🐪

This annual event was launched by the Dubai government back in 2018 with the purpose of bringing together the biggest thought-leaders, the most interesting startups and the richest investors, all into one space. This year, that included the likes of Tone Vays and Binance’s CZ. What’s even better is that some talks are clearly aimed at crypto beginners and the ticket price is very affordable too.


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