TOP 6 BEST Crypto Books For Beginners in 2022!!

Nov 10, 2021

Hey Folks,

Did you see those inflation numbers? The highest that the US CPI has been since 1990. Indeed, given the producer numbers that broke yesterday (8.6%).

This should show that contrary to Fed Popular opinion, inflation is anything but "transitory". It is likely to persist thanks to a combination of supply chain woes and endless money printing. These fears of inflation are what sent the stock markets lower today - more chance of a Fed Tightening.

Of course, this has meant that investors are scrambling to find those inflation hedges and safe haven assets. That is the reason that BTC has reacted positively to the news. ETH has also moved up today and that is because it is also seen as a safe haven with limited supply. This is something that I will be covering in an upcoming Ethereum video.

Speaking of videos, I have a new one on the tube!

This is for all of those book worms out there that would like to curl up with a crypto related book this winter.

It's my updated list of the best crypto books in the new year. All of these are books that I have personally read over the past 6 months and I thought that it was fitting to do an update.

Most of these will cover the basics of Bitcoin, blockchains and the fiat money system. That is incredibly helpful to understand if you want to fully appreciate the potential of cryptocurrencies. It is through the truths read in these books where we can fully appreciate the Fiat money scam.

I should of course point out that I have zero affiliation with any of these authors. I just wanted to share the word on some tip top crypto books with my community.

You may also want to note that Christmas is less than 2 months away and one of these books could be a great present for a family member who is interested in Bitcoin. It's never too early to buy those presents and someone told me that there was a global supply chain crisis 😏

Enjoy the reading guys! 📚


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► Andreas Antonopoulos YouTube channel:
► What is a 51% attack?
► Blockchain & Syrian refugees:


🔮 Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money 🔮

This book isn’t for the technophiles amongst you, but is suited to anyone that is new to crypto and trying to wrap their head around the basic principles of BTC and altcoins. It kicks off with an intro into how traditional finance works, the history of money and explains what gives money value. It also fleshes out the colourful story of the bootstrapping of the Bitcoin network back in the day. The authors also share their thoughts on how different nations and regulators might deal with crypto too - fascinating insights, with some of them already coming true.

🥇 Digital Gold: The Untold Story of Bitcoin 🥇

This one is a great introduction to BTC. It explains the practical technology in a straightforward way and also provides insightful thoughts on the economic and philosophical angle to Bitcoin. The author also points to the difference between countries when it comes to BTC’s social acceptance. Take Argentina for example and the population’s experience of hyperinflation. This book focuses on the early days of Bitcoin and captures both the optimism around it, as well as the shadier elements too. A bit of a page turner, if you are into that sort of thing.

👼 The Truth Machine 👼

This one outlines blockchain’s potential from a macro perspective. The future that it paints is the biggest employment shakeup the world has ever seen! All that due to blockchain tech. The authors foresee lawyers being replaced with smart contracts, bankers being automated out and much more. That’s potentially a tidal wave of change when it comes to the jobs market. This book also outlines some interesting real-world uses for blockchain too. That includes things like food distribution in refugee camps to ensure that people are not double-spending their food entitlements. A pretty thought provoking read.

👨‍🏫 The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchain 👨‍🏫

Put simply, this is one of the best intros to the world of crypto I have ever read. Watch my vid to learn more!

🌐 The Internet of Money 🌐

This one is written by one of the smartest people in crypto and that would be Andreas Antonopoulos. This book is essentially a collection of short essays about crypto. One of the most interesting concepts is one called ‘infrastructure inversion’ - check out my vid to learn more!

💪 The Bitcoin Standard 💪

This book provides one of the clearest explanations on what money actually is. Yes, it is written by a true Bitcoin maximalist. However, I can almost guarantee that it’s worth a read.


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