TOP Crypto Security TIPS!! DON'T Make These Mistakes!!

Dec 31, 2021

Hey Guys,

The New Year is almost upon us!

This is probably the time that everyone starts speaking about those New Year's resolutions.

I am sure that you all have some already but if there some that I can suggest, it would be to significantly upgrade your crypto security.

It's quite fitting because you can think of it as akin to a habit. Bad habits are easy to stick to. We know they are bad habits but in the moment, we divert to the status quo. And, when you revert to bad crypto security habits, the result could be catastrophic losses.

So, in my video today, I am going to be giving you my top security tips for you to start the new year on. Processes and best practices that are easy to pick up and and could pay off many multiples in the future.

I also let you know of some of the personal tools and tricks that I use to secure my crypto - from NFTs to cold & hot wallets.

I know that you folks are ready to ring in the 2022, but before you do, make sure that you have these tips on your resolution short list!

Get those notepads out ✍️


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