TOP TIPS To Get a Job in The Crypto Industry!!

Jan 21, 2021

👍Crypto Job Advantages👍

The first advantage is that the cryptocurrency industry is extremely resilient to things like global pandemics. The second advantage to working in crypto is that it is an industry that is still very much in its infancy. This means that just like the cryptocurrency market, early participants stand to reap incredible rewards. The third advantage to working in the crypto industry is that you will never stop learning.

👎Crypto Job Disadvantages👎

The first disadvantage is that you are going to have to work A LOT. From time to time, you are going to have to postpone doing other things you love to get the job done and during bull markets this may also require sacrificing sleep for days at a time. The second disadvantage is that there are no guarantees that you will still have a job once the bull market is over. Your employment is fundamentally dependent on the same volatile assets that you hold on to for dear life. Finally, if you work in the cryptocurrency space for a long time you may become too specialized to find employment elsewhere.

💼Crypto Job Requirements💼

The first requirement is an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency along with any related topics and technologies. The second requirement is fluency in English, with fluency in second languages being a huge bonus. The third requirement is solid communication skills. The fourth requirement is work experience, though this is not always necessary to work in crypto.

👀Finding A Crypto Job👀

The first place to look for crypto jobs is dedicated cryptocurrency job boards It’s best to go directly to the website for the cryptocurrency project offering the job when you apply. The second place to look for crypto jobs is the websites of the crypto projects and crypto companies you know and love. Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are always hiring, and they usually have their own dedicated job portals on their websites. Finally, you can see if there are any opportunities to find temporary employment for DAO governed cryptocurrencies. These are often open to funding initiatives that boost the value of their ecosystem.

📃Crypto Career Tips 📃

First tip, trust your gut. There are a lot of shady crypto businesses out there, so don’t hesitate to look to greener pastures if you feel you’ve stumbled into something illegitimate. Second tip, be personable and perceptive. The cryptocurrency space is close knit, and this means you want to be on good terms with everyone. Third tip, consider becoming a freelancer. That way when you do work for a crypto company, they can write off the work you do as a business expense. This means that you will often make more than if you were an employee. Fourth tip, know your worth. For the time being, you do not have to compete with very many people to get a job in crypto. Once you get the sense that you’ve achieved some sort of mastery, do not hesitate to demand what you believe to be fair compensation for your work.


📜 Disclaimer 📜

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