USDC Depeg: What Happened? Safe or Can it Happen Again?

Mar 28, 2023

Hey Guys,

It's crazy to think that it's been almost two weeks since USDC lost its peg. Things in crypto have been moving fast, especially with all the regulatory scrutiny. In case that didn't give it away, there's more about USDC's depegging that meets the eye.

After Silvergate's SEN was shut down, Circle and many other crypto companies switched to using Signature's Signet. A few days after Silvergate officially went bankrupt, so did SVB. Circle got its assets back, but simultaneously lost access to Signet.

Fortunately, Circle was able to secure a new minting and burning partner, but there have been lots of questions about Cross River Bank, including from the mainstream media. Circle's apparent protection from the SEC could also cause issues with the Fed.

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