VeChain: VET Price Potential?! Deep Dive Analysis!!

Apr 12, 2022

Hey Guys,

As some of you will know I recently ran a poll here asking whether you wanted me to cover VeChain or Zilliqa, and well, the VeChain chads won.

It's basically been a year since I covered VeChain, so I reckon an update was long overdue regardless (Zilliqa will come eventually).

Interestingly, it looks like VeChain has pivoted away from supply chain solutions. Don't get me wrong, VeChain is still very involved in supply chains and is continuing to secure institutional partnerships on that front, but it's definitely changed it's focus.

This probably has to do with China's crackdown on crypto last year. It began in May with a ban on crypto mining, but by the end of the year China had turned its focus to altcoins, and that unfortunately includes VeChain.

Luckily, VeChain has managed to survive this purge thanks to its new focus, and that's sustainable development. This is something that's important to both China and the world, and it looks like VeChain has managed to gain some traction in this new niche.

As many of you will know, there's more to VeChain than VET, and I give you a detailed price analysis of both it and VTHO later on in the video, and trust me when I say that you don't want to miss it. My findings might surprise you...


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