WATCH OUT For These!! Macro Factors Driving Crypto Markets!!

Jun 09, 2022

Hey Guys,

Are you wondering why the crypto market has been acting so crazy lately? Well, the short answer is macro, specifically, macroeconomic factors.

These macro factors have been moving just about every asset market in the same way, hence why many investors are feeling like there aren't really any safe haven assets. Today's video breaks down these macro factors.

As you might have guessed, most of these macro factors have to do with the Fed, or rather how the Fed will react to them. As many of you will know, the Fed's raising of interest rates is ultimately what's causing assets to crash, and some would say one of the only reasons they rallied in the first place was because of the low interest rates starting in 2020.

This means that you have to view every single one of these macro factors through the lens of the Fed, and ask yourself whether they're likely to raise or lower interest rates in response.

Hint: if the macro factor causes inflation of any kind, then it's likely to cause the Fed to tighten. As you'll see, this even includes things that would otherwise be objectively good news.



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