Watch These Cryptos!! Token Unlocks CRASHING Price!?

Feb 05, 2023

Hey Guys,

If you're a regular viewer of the channel, you might know that when I analyse cryptocurrencies I like to look at the sources of supply and the drivers of demand for the coin or token in question. This is simply because supply and demand is what determines price.

Demand drivers are pretty straightforward: speculation that the price will go up and actual usage of the blockchain or dApp for profit (or for fun). The sources of supply are less obvious, and that's because of the lack of transparency around token vesting.

As it so happens, a new crypto platform called Token Unlocks recently released their first ever vesting report, and it suggests that selling of vested crypto contributed to last year's crypto crash. They also shed some light on what's coming for vesting in 2023.

This is a video you cannot miss!


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