When Will The Crypto Bear Market End?! BEST Predictions!

May 29, 2022

Hey Guys,

It's been a brutal couple weeks in the crypto market - 8 weeks to be exact. The consensus seems to be that crypto is in a bear market, but this is a bit debatable.

That's because there isn't a clear definition of what a bear market is in cryptocurrency. We've also seen the crypto market suddenly rally after consistently printing lower lows.

That said, it's almost certain that we've entered a bear market of some sort, and this begs the question of how long it could last. That's the question I seek to answer in today's video, and I give you the answer by analysing the crypto market cycle, the stock market cycle, and even the cycle of the Federal Reserve's previous interest rate hikes.

To put things into perspective, we also take some time to give you some realistic price predictions for a few cryptocurrencies when the crypto bull market comes back.

Spoiler: it's probably not coming back until 2025, and this is a timeline that's consistent with all three cycles I examine. But who knows, maybe something will happen that will surprise us all!



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