Will the United States Default!? Debt Ceiling Explained!!

Jan 28, 2023

Hey Guys,

With interest rates having gone up so much, you might be wondering if and when governments will begin to default. This is something I've been wondering for quite some time, and I was reminded of it when I saw that the US had hit its debt ceiling.

It turns out that the US hitting its debt ceiling is just one of many factors that could push countries into default. Japan seems to be putting pressure on US interest rates as it defends its currency by selling bonds, and China has been selling too.

And yet, the Fed continues to raise rates. It's almost as if Jerome doesn't know that the US will default by June if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Or, maybe he knows very well that the US is risking default, but knows that there will be a flight to safety elsewhere soon.

Make sure to watch until the end to find out what that means...


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