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Top 15 Crypto YouTubers: Who To Follow Today

By Steve Walters

One excellent way to begin learning all about cryptocurrencies is through some of the fantastic video content being produced by those in the cryptocurrency community. Videos can be extremely fun, engaging, and downright entertaining when done right.

YouTube is the obvious place to go when looking for video content, whether you want to learn or simply be entertained. The only issue with YouTube is its centralized nature, which led to the website deleting crypto-related videos in the past, and outright banning a number of crypto YouTubers in 2019.

So, let’s take a bit of a closer look into that…

The YouTube XMas Purge

The bans included long-time YouTuber Chris Dunn, who posts about investing in traditional markets in addition to his cryptocurrency content. He said he woke up the day before Christmas 2019 to find all his videos, 10 years worth of work, had been taken down for “harmful or dangerous content” and the “sale of regulated goods.”

Chris Dunn Twitter
Tweet where Chris Dunn Announces YouTube Report

YouTube later restored the videos and tweeted to Chris Dunn that the takedown was an error during the YouTube review process. Even so, Dunn has stopped posting cryptocurrency videos on YouTube and has been moving to the decentralized platform LBRY.

More recently there have been reports of YouTube continuing to remove videos from crypto YouTubers. On March 9 Ivan on Tech tweeted that YouTube had deleted one of his videos. A day later on March 10 The Moon, a technical analyst, said YouTube had also deleted one of his videos.

It’s an obviously troubling trend at YouTube, but there is still loads of great crypto content being produced and uploaded there, so it’s still well worth following and subscribing to your favorite crypto YouTubers.

So, with that out of the way, let’s take a look at a list of the top 15 Crypto YouTubers out there.

Top 15 Crypto YouTube Channels

When I compiled this list, I looked for a number of factors. The most important of which is the quality of the content. There are a lot of channels out there that have high subscriber counts but regularly push average or substandard content.

I then also looked at their broader community appeal, lack of excessive shilling and broader crypto market understanding. There’s no particular order here, so feel free to check them all out and enjoy!

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau’s YouTube is our very own channel and is actually one of the newer ones, with our first video uploaded in January 2019. In the following 14 months the channel has grown rapidly, and as of mid-March 2020 there are 17k subscribers to the channel.

The huge draw of the Coin Bureau channel is the excellent content being produced, and the engaging delivery of Guy, our crypto guy. These videos are obviously well-researched, and Guy is engaging in his delivery of the content. Plus the production itself is of very high quality, beating out the poor production found on nearly all the others in the crypto space.

Guy Coin Bureau
Guy, our Resident Crypto guy!

The Coin Bureau channel tackles all types of topics from crypto exchange and project reviews, to hot current events. The best part is the high quality informational nature of the videos. Anyone looking to systematically add to their crypto knowledge would do well to subscribe to this channel and watch regularly. We post 3 times a week and each video runs about 20 minutes. That’s one solid hour of crypto education each week.

If you feel that you are craving more of that crypto learning, then guy also runs a weekly email newsletter as well as a Telegram Channel. The latter is an insider channel that gives members a broader perspective on Guy’s thinking about the markets and how he chooses his coins to review.

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is also one of the newer crypto YouTubers on the scene who pushed his first video back in June of 2019. Benjamin has an academic background and utilizes that to break down some key market trends in a once daily video.

Benjamin dives into the data and looks at logarithmic trends, relationships and regression bands. He mostly does this for Bitcoin although he also takes a look at other cryptocurrency prices. I have seen videos on Ethereum, Cardano, Nano etc.

It is important to understand that Benjamin doesn’t analyse the fundamental tech behind a cryptocurrency, but more its price data.  However, unlike many of the other technical analysis “experts”, Benjamin uses no hype and pure numbers.

Benjamin Cownen YouTube
Benjamin Cowen YouTube

He tries to illuminate interesting trends and relationships that may have been ignored from some of the other crypto tubers in the space. Despite how complicated these disciplines can be, he tries to explain it in a simplified manner that most of his subscribers can understand – and if you check the comments you can see why.

Benjamin appears to shoot the videos from home so it is not has high budget as some of the other channels on the list. Nevertheless, the quality of the analysis cannot be faulted. He has just over 14k subscribers as well as  a Telegram Group. So, check

Ivan on Tech

We mentioned Ivan on Tech above as one of the crypto YouTubers being attacked by YouTube as of March 2020. The channel is run by Swedish software developer Ivan Liljeqvist, and has been active on YouTube since July 2013. In that time the channel has amassed over 18 million views, and 217k subscribers. That makes this one of the largest crypto channels on YouTube.

In addition to the content being posted on YouTube, Ivan is also an international blockchain speaker and educator.

The channel has a strong focus on Bitcoin, but altcoins are also covered, as are the occasional macro events that can affect the entire market. The channel posts a daily update each weekday at 7:00am GMT, but Ivan might post once a day or three times a day. And videos can run from 10 minutes to 90 minutes or longer, with the average looking to be around 45-55 minutes.

Ivan is extremely knowledgeable about the markets and about the technology behind the cryptocurrency revolution. He is also articulate, energetic, and fun to watch. It’s a good channel, and the daily updates are a very nice touch.

Tone Vays

The Tone Vays channel was started in August 2016, and has garnered almost 12.8 million video views. The channel also has 90.2k subscribers.

Tone is another cryptocurrency enthusiast who got his start on Wall Street. In his case it was as a risk analyst at Bear Stearns for nearly a decade, followed by a stint as a VP at JPMorgan Chase following the 2008 financial crisis.

ToneVays YouTube
Tone Vays YouTuber

As you might imagine from his background, Tone is an expert in risk analysis. He is also very knowledgeable regarding economic trends and trading in general. While the channel was started in 2016, Tone has ben involved with cryptocurrency since 2013, spreading knowledge about blockchain technology and its relevance and importance to the modern world. Tone has been featured in several Documentaries like Magic Money & Bitcoin – Beyond the Bubble.

The channel itself is very educational, interesting, and entertaining all at the same time. Videos are posted on a daily basis in most cases, and they can run quite long, in some cases almost two hours long. It’s well worth it though, you can learn a lot from Tone

The Moon

The Moon channel was started in December 2017 and since then has racked up nearly 13 million views as well as 89.6k subscribers. He is also another crypto YouTuber mentioned above who has seen his videos deleted by YouTube in March 2020.

The channel is primarily focused on Bitcoin, but there are videos produced about other cryptocurrencies, and even about the traditional markets from time to time. He covers general crypto news, Bitcoin news, and some basic technical analysis suitable for beginning traders.

There’s no production schedule here, but The Moon does seem to upload a new video at least once a day during the weekdays. These are fairly short videos of 10-15 minutes in length, and don’t look for awesome video production quality either, with some videos recorded by The Moon as he sits in his bed.

That aside, the information presented is top notch, and that makes the channel worth watching.

Crypto Love

You’re going to love Crypto Love. Hosted by Randall, a former satellite programmer at NASA and an emergency veterinarian, he has a love for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that is infectious, and he spreads that infectiousness on his YouTune channel.

Crypto Love YouTube
Crypto Love on YouTube

The channel itself began in August 2017, but the videos showing in the playlist only go back to September 2019, and there are less than 400,000 channel views. If you watch that September 2019 video Randall refers to an earlier video, so I can only think that YouTube has axed his earlier videos. Also note that the channel has 95.2k subscribers, which is not consistent with the total views.

This should be an easy channel for most anyone to get into. Randall is intelligent and entertaining, giving out solid information in short videos of less than 10 minutes. He also only posts 3-4 times a week, so you won’t get overwhelmed, but you will get some good crypto education along with a laugh or two.

The Crypto Analyst

The Crypto Analyst began his crypto YouTube channel in January 2018, just as the crypto-winter was beginning. Since then he has grown the channel to 6.88k subscribers, with 365,000 video views. While it isn’t the largest channel, the Crypto Analyst offers a strong educational experience as he explains the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through his analysis of price action and occassional news coverage.

Primarily though the channel is about teaching people how to trade and invest in cryptocurrrencies and make more money. He does this by posting his technical analysis of Bitcoin. Don’t expect frequent posts though. Roughly once a week he uploads a new video, unless there’s some huge move or technical trigger point.

These videos typically run 10-15 minutes, so its a quick watch, although there have been some videos of 60-90 minutes length sprinkled throughout the playlist. If you’re new to technical analysis of cryptocurrencies adding the Crypto Analyst to your playlist might be helpful.


The Cryptobud channel is one of the more long-lasting crypto YouTube channels, having started in April 2015. The channel has seen over 1.5 million views over the years and has grown to have 74.6k subscribers, which is pretty good for a crypto channel.

You’ll find everything from coverage over Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news, to technical and fundamental analysis of different altcoins, to more general pieces that look at the role of cryptocurrencies within the broader financial markets.

CryptoBud YouTube
CryptoBud on YouTube

There seems to be no production schedule here. Some weeks have 3 or 4 videos upload, and others have just one. Video length is also all over the place, although they tend to be in the 10-20 minute range.

If you check out the channel and find you like the material and the delivery of Cryptobud you can also join him over on Patreon, where he posts far more content in his cryptocurrency learning group.

Krown’s Crypto Cave

Krown’s Crypto Cave is hosted by a former Wall Street professional with over a decade of market making in options directly on the floor of the NYSE and CBOE. His adult life was spent learning about financial markets, technical analysis, and the art of trading. And now he’s applied it all to cryptocurrencies and shares the knowledge with the viewers on YouTube.

The Krown’s Crypto Cave was created in August 2016, making this one of the older channels. In the nearly four years of its existence it has grown to 41.5k subscribers and over 3.6 million video views. Those are indeed impressive stats for a crypto YouTube channel.

One thing to know is that the channel is focused exclusively on Bitcoin. There is no altcoin coverage, no ICO shilling, not even coverage of any traditional markets. This channel is nothing but Bitcoin.

The channel uploads a new video each day, and sometimes twice a day, and the videos tend to run from 30-60 minutes in length. Some are clearly aimed at beginners, while others delve into more advanced technical setups. It’s all very educational though, and well worth viewing.

Crypto Crow

The Crypto Crow channel was started in November 2017 by Jason Appleton, a former MMA fight promoter and vice-president of sales for a national mortgage company. Jason leveraged his knowledge and contacts to quickly grow his YouTube following and as of March 2020 his channel has 80.5k subscribers and over 5.6 million video views.

He is an entrepreneur as well as a crypto investor and the channel is meant to educate about the cryptocurrency space in a very blunt and forward manner. Some will like this direct approach as it typically keeps you thinking.

Crypto Crow YouTube
Crypto Crow

Jason is not a short-term trader, but advocates buying and holding because the space is so new. He sees blockchain and cryptocurrency as world-changing technology, and encourages everyone to get in now, when the space is still in its infancy.

While the channel is focused on cryptocurrencies, that doesn’t stop Jason from occasionally commenting on other markets or economic developments. With a new video uploaded each weekday, and videos running from 15 minutes up to an hour, there’s plenty of content here to digest.

Crypto Cred

The Crypto Cred channel was started in October 2017 with a focus on technical analysis of Bitcoin primarily and an educational tone. Considering the channel only uploads one video a month it is pretty impressive to see 41.2k subscribers. I think that also speaks to the quality of the videos and the technical analysis knowledge being passed along.

Early videos are fairly short, but later videos began to run from 30-45 minutes, and over the past year some videos have gone over an hour in length. It’s really great content though, and since it is teaching technical analysis you could feasibly go back through the entire playlist and get a really good basis in technical analysis..

Crypto Chemist

The Crypto Chemist opened his YouTube lab (channel) in February 2018, making his a relative newcomer in the crypto Youtuber ecosystem. Even with the late start he has been able to gather 54.6k subscribers and nearly half a million views on his videos. So he’s gotten off to a good start.

Crypto Chemist Channel
Crypto Chemist

He was able to do that by focusing on some more obscure projects and exchanges, and by providing excellent commentary and analysis.

He also did it without posting tons of content. New videos are uploaded once or twice a week, and most are 15 minutes or shorter in length. So you could follow this channel without a huge time commitment. More importantly, because he covers often obscure projects you will probably get some new investing ideas.

Crypto Traders Pro

Crypto Traders Pro is a bit of a different best, because it is actually a community of more than 75,000 traders scattered all across social media channels, and physically around the world. The YouTube channel is hosted by Matthew and Kurt, both of whom are both seasoned investors, and long-term cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The channel began back in September 2017, and hasn’t shown the growth of some other channels, having just 4.63k subscribers and a bit over 200k video views. Visitors to the channel will find not only educational videos meant for beginners, but also more advanced commentary on a wide variety of coins and fundamental topics within the blockchain industry.

The channel has never been particularly prolific, averaging just one upload a week for much of its history. Recently some months have seen only one video upload a month. That’s probably because Matthew and Kurt are busy traveling the world to increase cryptocurrency knowledge and adoption, hosting meetups and conferences, and being ambassadors for the blockchain community.

You’ll get a mix of video length as well, with some as short a 5 minutes, and others running over 2 hours. It all depends on what’s needed to completely cover the subject at hand.

KIFS Crypto (Keep It F***in Simple)

Formerly known as The Crypto Vaper, blockchain enthusiast Lee has run this YouTube channel since July 2015. In that time the channel has grown to 16.8k subscribers and in the words of Lee from “a part-time hobby to a full blown job.”

KIFS Crypto Channel
KIFS Crypto

I’m not sure how full-time the YouTube channel is for him though since he only uploads two videos a week, and they rarely run more than 15 minutes.

For all that the videos are good for introducing new people to cryptocurrency, and for introducing some altcoins that many people might not otherwise have a look at.

Patrick Corsino

Patrick Corsino is a 21-year old serial entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor who shares his views on blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency markets on his YouTube channel. In addition he also does live engagements, and his YouTube channel, which began in April 2017, has 26.9k subscribers. Unfortunately this is another channel that was hit by the YouTube bans, and his video archives only go back 2 months.

Hi videos focus on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, looking to educate and entertain at the same time.

Because Patrick spends most of his time building his other businesses and motivating others he only posts once or twice a week on the YouTube channel. Each video is 10-15 minutes long. He is a good teacher, very motivational and upbeat, but he also uses the channel to push his outside businesses, which can be a turnoff for some.


There you have it, 15 of the best crypto YouTubers that I know of. Of course, this list is not completely exclusive. There may be some other channels that are not on here that are equally impressive.

Remember, that the number of subscribers is not really indicative of the quality of the content. There are also numerous crypto channels out there that have a large subscriber base that they captured during the 2017 bull run. However, they have almost completely slowed their output – not ideal

It is also important to be slightly weary of those YouTubers who are heavily shilling a particular cryptocurrency, exchange or lending service. They will no doubt have an ulterior motive that does not have you as the primary concern.

So, enjoy your crypto content but with a slight air of caution 😉

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