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Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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The most revolutionary Ponzi Scheme on the market has just hit the Blockchain. Not since Bitconnect has such an innovative pyramid structure graced the web.

The name of the innovative blockchain project is "" but don't let the name fool you, it is nothing like a typical Ponzicoin. It is a Ponzi Scheme that is "unique as FU*K".

They have now decided that they want to raise funds through an ICO on this first day of April. The reasoning being that many investors will no doubt have been burned during the March sell off and are in search of a saving grace.

Ponzi Schemes do really well for those early investors, so we decided we wanted to get in as soon as possible and start referring our friends, teachers, parents and grandparents.

Before investing though, we needed to do a bit of research to make sure that it was a legit pyramid scheme. There are so many ICO exit scams these days that it could be hard to find your preferred Ponzi.

The Most Honest Ponzi Logo
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One thing that really stuck out for us was how honest the project is. Honesty is something that is really hard to come by with cryptocurrency ICOs these days. There are some that claim that they will change supply chains, reinvent the world and solve world peace on the blockchain. only wants to rob Peter to pay Paul. They want to pay you a steady return on your investment from the income they generate from new joiners. Moreover, they are truly making you part of the project. You will earn a referral commission based on the people that you introduce.

They have also developed this Ponzi Scheme with the help of a fully transparent Ethereum smart contract. You do not have to worry about some obscure server side code that the Ponzi scheme operators run. Here you can see for yourself exactly how the funds are being apportioned.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the smart contract code has some serious vulnerabilities. This is something that has happened in the DAO incident and more recently with Parity multisig wallets.

Yet, it does not take a genius to run a Ponzi scheme so one can no doubt feel rather secure about the code.

The Ponzi Scheme Dream Team

The minds behind the Ponzi Scheme project are some of the most influential in the whole cryptocurrency space. For example, there have been rumours that Kemyd Genesis Seed received personal fraud investment training during his time at the Madoff investment fund.

Ponzi Scheme Dream Team
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Satoshi Potato is also an incredible asset to the team. He shares the same name as Satoshi Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) so he must no doubt have extensive experience in blockchains. It could be a coincidence but such coincidences are rare in the cryptocurrency space.

We also have the benefits of the other individuals such as Dr Craig Sweet Potato and Elizabeth Onioness. It is great to see such a diverse team of professionals with different skill sets brought together for a common cause of building the greatest ponzi scheme. Of course they will get all the remaining Ponzi funds but this is ancillary to their greater purpose.

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If you wanted to reach out to the team and ask them any questions about the Ponzi scheme then you can email them on [email protected]. They may take some time to get back to you as they are quite busy…

Different Investment Tiers

There are a number of different investment tiers that you can invest in. These all pay returns of 90% but they have different price levels for the tokens. These levels also come with really innovative names that have many benefits.

Different Investment Tiers
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We personally preferred level 4 as this was the Bitconneeect level. A great number of the early Bitconnect promoters made a lots of money prior to the Scheme collapsing. Of course, you could always invest in level 6 but you are not a kid and cryptokitties is a ponzi for kids.

From Trading to Rebranding

The Roadmap is also just as simple and clear as the rest of Ponzi Scheme's investment thesis. The platform begins trading today, April 1st and will have a new partnership announcement in June.

PonziScheme Roadmap
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Of course, we are really interested in the music video that will be released in July. There are supposedly some really interesting head line acts including a possible feature of Carlos from Bitconnnnect. Could we hear a remake of "WhatAmIGonnaDo"?

1st of April for Ponzi Fools

For those who have decided to read the whole review and have not already invested in, you will possibly have picked up the satire of this piece. was an April fool’s joke that wanted to pick fun at all of the cryptocurrency scams that are floating around.

In just the past 6 months we have seen the collapse of Bitconnect and BTC Global. These were large cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes. We have also seen a number of other ICO exit scams such as Confido and Benebit amoung others.

The developer behind this wanted to make the point through a really clever and quirky Ponzi Scheme project. It is entirely honest and even has intuitive smart contract code to back it up. This is not a coincidence as the developer has an interesting site that tries to explain programming to non-technical people using jokes.

If you were still hoping to get some profit from the early stages of the Ponzi Scheme, then you are out of luck. There was no sale of any tokens and the developer lets you know this when you try to go through the investment steps.

This is indeed great for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as it further makes people aware of what a Ponzi scheme is, how to spot it and of course, avoid losing money in one.

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