Cryptohopper Review (2023): Profitable Crypto Bot? Here's What We Know!

Last updated: Jun 28, 2023
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Automate Your Crypto Trading
Our Take :

Unlock the potential of automated trading with Cryptohopper, a leading platform designed to simplify and enhance your cryptocurrency trading journey. Explore a host of features including strategy designing, backtesting, and algorithmic trading, all while enjoying seamless exchange integrations and a vibrant community

Easy to use
Great value for money
Massive list of available tools, features, and products
Social Trading platform
Good exchange support
No live phone support
Automate Your Crypto Trading

If you're ready to start trading cryptocurrencies, but have little practical experience with trading, or looking for automated crypto trading bots to reduce their workload, there’s a solution. Queue our Cryptohopper review- Get started in the fast-paced trading world of cryptocurrencies with an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. But not just any crypto trading bot. This is a bot used by more than 400,000 traders!

With a Cryptohopper bot, you will be able to trade the markets 24 hours a day, never missing a solid trade setup. The bot works tirelessly, trading based on the conditions pre-programmed by you.

Cryptohopper has been helping traders succeed since 2017, and even though there are a number of other automated trading solutions that have been developed since, Cryptohopper remains one of the most reliable and trusted automated cryptocurrency trading solutions.

With that in mind let’s have a detailed look at the Cryptohopper platform. The following Cryptohopper review will cover many topics, such as how Cryptohopper works, how to use it effectively, what exchanges it supports, and of course, Cryptohopper pricing.

Cryptohopper Review: Summary

Year Established:2017
Beginner-Friendly?No- Interface is friendly, but trading bots are best used by experienced traders
KYC/AML Verification:None
What Trading Pairs Can be Automated?Cryptohopper trade strategies can be deployed on any chart and any pair supported by the user's crypto exchange.
Supported Exchanges/PlatformsBinance, KuCoin, Coinbase, Bybit, OKX, KuCoin,, Tradingview, and more. See Cryptohopper Supported Exchanges for a full list.

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Overview- What is Cryptohopper?

The first thing we want to do is provide a Cryptohopper overview. At its core, it is an online platform that allows users to access and use an automated trading bot for the cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency automated trading allows bots to place trades on your behalf, using conditions that you’ve set for it. It’s really quite genius, and it takes all of the emotions out of your trading, which is considered to be one of the keys to success in trading any market.

Cryptohopper Bot
The intersection of humans and AI in trading. Image via 

Cryptohopper first came on the scene in 2017, becoming instantly popular for those looking to get into automated Bitcoin investing, and since then has grown to a community of over 400,000 cryptocurrency traders.

As you’ll learn in the following sections, Cryptohopper is actually no more than a tool for traders. While it will continue to perform on its own until turned off, its results are only as good as its programming.

That means you need to give it a good strategy if you expect it to be profitable. And there are no guarantees of profitability. However, there are many ways to program this tool, and ways to test your strategies before putting them out into the wild. And these can mean the difference between profits or losses.

Cryptohopper will currently work with 14 of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, and others. This means your bot will have plenty of liquidity to take advantage of any market opportunities, no matter when they occur.

You’ll also find that Cryptohopper is suitable for traders of all experience levels. New traders can take advantage of the Cryptohopper Academy, and other educational resources to get started with a solid basic understanding of how to use the tool. And seasoned traders can take advantage of the more advanced features of the bot, including the more than 130 technical indicators supported by Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper Review
New traders can get training from the Cryptohopper Academy. Image via 

Using Cryptohopper, a trader can build an automated trading bot that mirrors their own trading strategy. They can unleash their magic trading strategy into the wild to trade without emotion on the markets 24 hours a day. Or you can purchase tested trading strategies from the Cryptohopper marketplace.

You can get started with Cryptohopper today at no cost by taking advantage of a 7 Day FREE Trial of the world-class crypto trading bot. Take it for a test drive, make some profits, and use those to pay for an ongoing subscription to the service. Pricing starts at just $19 a month.

Automated Cryptohopper Trading

Before you begin using Cryptohopper you’ll obviously want to know how it works. This is important because it will help dispel the myth that you can simply subscribe to the bot, set it free into the wild of the cryptocurrency markets, and start raking in profits. Nothing could be further from the truth. You can learn more about why trading bots aren't money-making machines in our Trading Bots article.

No, these bots function exactly how they are programmed and that means a trading strategy used with them can be successful, but it also means it could fail. The bots are best used by those who have a proven trading strategy that can be programmed into the bot through the use of IF/THEN logic.

How cryptohopper works
Conditional statements are the basis of the bot programming. Image via 

As an example, suppose you’ve had great success trading a range in Litecoin during the week. While you could certainly implement a strategy to trade the range on your own, it would mean you need to remain glued to your computer. Any time you are away, even to sleep, means you could miss a profitable entry or exit.

Instead, you could program Cryptohopper to execute the strategy for you, but tell it when to buy and sell. The bot will merrily go along 24 hours a day, following your instructions, until you decide to turn it off. This gives you back your time, and still allows you to profit from your strategy all week long.

Perhaps most importantly, and I know I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating, the Cryptohopper bot removes and emotions from your trading. No more fear or greed, no more chasing the market, no more losses due to “hunches”, and no more losses due to emotional trading. Cryptohopper has no emotions, it simply follows the instructions given to it. 

Cryptohopper Bot Features

If Cryptohopper is sounding like a pretty good tool for automating your trades check out some of the primary features of the platform:

Cryptohpper Features
A full collection of powerful features. Image via 
  • Paper Trading Accounts: With Cryptohopper you don’t need to risk a single satoshi until you know your strategy will work. Paper trading lets you test any strategy, whether simple or complex, to determine its potential profitability. Take Cryptohopper for a FREE 7 Day test drive and test your own strategies.
  • Professional Analysis Tools: Creating profitable strategies means having access to a solid array of indicators and tools, and Cryptohopper has a huge library of tools. Depending on which package you’re using you could have access to as many as 90 candlestick pattern recognitions and 30 unique indicators, plus customization tools to personalize your crypto bot. Best of all is that there’s no coding experience needed to implement any of these, simply click to set alerts and indicators.
  • Copy Trading Functionality: With the Cryptohopper Marketplace at your disposal you’ll be able to purchase all the tools you need, from some of the most successful cryptocurrency investors and Cryptohopper users. Each strategy provider in the Marketplace is screened by Cryptohpper to ensure only honest, reliable, and profitable bot creators are included. In addition to buying bot templates you can also chat with other investors or subscribe to trading signals.
  • No Additional Fees: The Cryptohopper platform doesn’t take a percentage fee from your trades. The monthly fee you pay is all you’ll pay. There’s no additional commissions, or per trade fees. That keeps your trading costs lower.

Trading Changing Market Conditions

Cryptohopper has features that can be useful in all types of markets: bear, bull, or consolidation periods.

Bull Markets: When the market is trending higher in a bull phase the trailing stop loss is an excellent way to capture profits and avoid gains turning into losses when the market whipsaws. You can also instruct the bot to place trades at key pricing targets as identified by various support and resistance tools.

cryptohopper app
Capture bull market moves. Image via 

Bear Markets: When the markets turn lower it’s time to put your bot on the defensive. You can instruct Cryptohopper to sell at the first, or subsequent signs of a downtrend. And if you are connected to an exchange that supports it you can even instruct Cryptohopper to place short sales and profit from the falling markets. Another potential strategy here is to have the bot add to your holdings at pre-defined intervals so you can profit from the eventual rebound in prices.

Consolidating Markets: Sideways markets are often a trap for traders as they get whipsawed back and forth, without a clear trend emerging. However you can also use these periods to scalp profits from the market as price bounces back and forth. For example, with Bitcoin trading in a range of $30,000 to $35,000 for several months you could have instructed Cryptohopper to enter and exit the market near the bottom and top of the range. 

Programming a Cryptohopper Bot

The Cryptohopper bot is only going to perform well if you instruct it properly. The bot simply follows your directions, so a poorly designed strategy will almost surely cost you money, while a well-designed strategy could potentially be the gateway to recurring profits.

Programming Cryptohopper
Your results are only as good as your strategy. Image via 

When you program the Cryptohopper bot you can think of it in terms of IF/THEN logic. So each instruction is designed as IF something happens, THEN take this action.

Consider our earlier example of trading a range in Bitcoin. You could tell the bot “IF Bitcoin touches $30,000, THEN buy 0.1 BTC”. And at the other end of the range you could tell the bot “IF Bitcoin touches $35,000, THEN sell 0.1 BTC”.

Of course, you could make the bot even more advanced by telling it to sell when profits reach a certain level, or by coding in a stop loss or a trailing stop loss. You could even dollar cost average into a trade by telling the bot to buy every time Bitcoin price increases by 3% until a certain level is reached.

On the other side of the market, you could also tell the bot to sell a given amount every time the price of Bitcoin decreases by 3% or some other amount.

Trailing Stop
Automate your trading. Image via 

The key principle here is that if you wanted to do this manually it would be a nightmare, and you would be chained to your computer, watching the markets at all times for your triggers to be hit. With Cryptohopper you simply “set it and forget it”.

Drag and Drop Implementation

Cryptohopper has made it so easy to create new strategies by using a drag-and-drop interface in the designer. This means you’re able to create your strategies without knowing a single line of code. You just click on the indicator you’d like to add to the automation and drag it to your bot. Then you’ll configure whatever variables are needed for the indicator and you’re good to go.

Technical Analysis

Experienced traders know how important technical analysis can be to their success, which is why Cryptohopper has included so many technical analysis tools. Depending on which package you’re using you could have access to as many as 90 candlestick pattern recognitions and 30 unique indicators, plus customization tools to personalize your crypto bot. You’ll find momentum indicators, oscillators, moving average indicators, and much more.

Pre-Live Testing

One of the top features of Cryptohopper is the pre-live testing hub, where you’re able to test any strategy you’ve created right within the strategy designer. This has the benefit of letting you see whether or not the strategy you’re planning on using will be profitable or not before you risk any of your own money.

Cryptohopper Marketplace

While creating your own automated strategies is extremely powerful in its own right, there’s another valuable feature to Cryptohopper, particularly for those who are new to automated trading. Of course, I’m talking about the Cryptohopper Marketplace, where any Cryptohopper user can get bots that have been built by other Cryptohopper users.

Best of all, some of these come for free, although others do have a price tag.

Cryptohopper Marketplace
Just one of the great services in the Marketplace. Image via 

For example, if you are new to automated trading and have little to no experience in creating trading strategies, the Marketplace is almost a necessity. Even if you have some experience, but are terrified to create and release your own bot into the wild, the Marketplace is going to be invaluable for you. In either case, you can browse through the Marketplace to find a bot that’s been programmed in a way that suits your trading personality.

You’ll see that most creators will be very clear in what the bot is programmed to do. More importantly, the fundamentals of the bot are transparent, and you can see the historical track record of the bot before you attempt to use it. There’s also a rating system, where prior users of the bot are able to leave feedback, so you can see what others have thought about using any given bot.

The other great thing about the Marketplace is the ability to modify the bots you find there. That means you might find a basic bot, and then you can make adjustments that tailor it to your specific needs

Cryptohopper strategy
Killer strategies for excellent results. Image via 

Of course, past performance is never a guarantee of future success, so always be careful when using a bot that’s been created by someone else.

The Cryptohopper App

The Cryptohopper app is known and beloved by users for its easy setup and comprehensive access. It can now be downloaded on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

With the app, users can enjoy features such as:

  • Advanced security measures like biometric authentication to protect their accounts
  • Customizable push alerts for real-time updates on predefined patterns, triggers, and open orders
  • The convenience of one-click trading and managing positions from anywhere

Bot Trading Fundamentals- Is Cryptohopper Safe?

If you’ve made it this far you know what Cryptohopper has to offer, and how its automated algorithms work. However, we haven’t discussed how the bot actually approaches the market on your behalf, or if it is safe.

It’s actually pretty simple, and the good news is that the Cryptohopper bot never has access or the authority to make withdrawals from any of your accounts, so it is safe from that perspective. You never need to provide the platform with any funds, your funds remain on the exchange. This means your funds will always be secure when using the Cryptohopper automated trading bots.

In order to give the bot the ability to trade you will link the bot with your exchange account using an API. The process of doing this varies from one exchange to the next, but typically you’ll be able to find the API keys within your account settings.

Is Cryptohopper safe?
Notice that Withdrawal access is not given. Read and Trade only. Image via 

Once you have the API keys you add them to your Cryptohopper account and this authorizes the bot to use the funds in your exchange account to execute trades on your behalf. We take a deeper look into whether or not Crypto bots are worthwhile in our article Crypto Bots: Worth it? if you want to dive deeper into the world of automated trading.

Cryptohopper Supported Exchanges

Cryptohopper supports the following exchanges:

  • HitBTC (Official Partner)
  • OKX (Official Partner)
  • BitPanda Pro (Official Partner)
  • Bitvavo (Official Partner)
  • Bybit
  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex
  • Huobi
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Bittrex
  • Exmo
Cryptohopper Exchanges
Covering most of the market volume and liquidity. Image via 

As you can probably tell from the list these exchanges represent the vast majority of liquidity in the cryptocurrency markets. That means your bots shouldn’t have issues with unfilled trades or slippage.

As far as which coins you can trade the platform currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies. More are added as they reach large enough trading volumes.

Cryptohopper Accounts

Cryptohopper has four account tiers, which include the free, but limited Pioneer package. The first paid package is the Explorer Hopper package which costs $16 a month and gives much greater power and options. If you’d like to try it out for yourself Coin Bureau is offering a FREE 7 Day trial of the Explorer Hopper package.

The next tiers are the Adventure Hopper at $41 a month and the Hero Hopper at $83 a month. Which level you choose will ultimately depend on your trading needs as each higher tier comes with more positions, coins, triggers and added features.

Cryptohopper Pricing
Pricing via 

No matter which tier you choose it’s pretty certain that just one profitable trade will pay for your monthly fee.

Customer Support

Customer support comes in several flavors at Cryptohopper. For the most basic questions, you’ll likely be able to find an answer in their comprehensive online Knowledge Base. If your answer isn’t found there you can submit a ticket and wait for the support team to get back in touch with you. There’s also an online form and email address ([email protected]) where you can contact support, or you can use the online chat feature on the website. Unfortunately, there’s no telephone support available.

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Cryptohopper Review: Conclusion

As you can probably tell from our review, when used properly and with respect for the market, Cryptohopper can be a good way to automate your trading. This is true for every level trader, from beginners to trading pros. Of course, those with more trading experience will be able to take advantage of more advanced strategies, but the learning curve isn’t difficult so new traders will also be able to get up to speed quickly.

In fact, we really liked the drag-and-drop framework used for the Designer. Plus it’s great that no coding knowledge is required in creating Cryptohopper bots. It makes it so simple to create a trading strategy that anyone can do it.

Plus you can get started for FREE with a 7 day trial. And once you see how simple it is to create your own automated crypto bot with Cryptohopper you can progress right to the paid plans, which to be honest are so inexpensive that just one good trade will pay for your monthly (or possibly yearly!) subscription.

Warning ⚡️: Trading Bots do NOT guarantee profit. Always exercise risk management

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptohopper vs 3Commas- Which is Better?

Both Cryptohopper and 3Commas are fantastic platforms for automated crypto bot trading. Both platforms can be used for automating crypto trading strategies. I found that Cryptohopper was the easier platform for creating bots, but 3Commas is better suited for those who also enjoy manual trading as it includes a “smart trading” interface that provides manual traders with advanced trading tools, order types, and risk management strategies. You can learn more in our 3Commas Review.

What is Cryptohopper Arbitrage?

Crypto Arbitrage involves a trader purchasing and selling an identical asset on multiple exchanges to capitalize on variations in price and earn a profit. Using bots such as the ones available on Cryptohopper is a popular way to perform arbitrage trading.

Does Cryptohopper Work?

The bots available on any bot trading platform work only as well as they are designed by the user. Yes, the bots work, but are most effective in the hands of skilled traders who already know how to trade and who understand and can recognize the proper market habits in which to deploy and run the bots. Before deciding to use a trading bot, you should first understand if they are right for you, and if they are even worth it. We cover those questions in our article on Crypto Trading Bots- Complete Guide.

Is Cryptohopper Legit?

Yes, as one of the longest-standing and most successful trading bot platforms, Cryptohopper is trusted and used by hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide.

Is Cryptohopper Social Trading Worth It?

Though Cryptohopper started off with automated crypto bot trading, they have since expanded to also offer a plethora of other products including a social trading platform. The social trading platform on Cryptohopper is a popular place and has plenty of positive review, this is a great place to consider for anyone interested in social trading.

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