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CryptoCurrency Marketing Agencies: Complete 2023 Overview

By Steve Walters

One of the unfortunate side effects of the crypto-winter, aside from the huge losses that some crypto traders experienced, has been a decline in public interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. But that doesn’t mean that there’s been a decline in blockchain projects. Quite the opposite in fact.

There are still thousands of blockchain projects, and more coming online all the time. With many of them competing in the same space it can be difficult for new, or even existing, projects to command attention and to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t the time to take the “build it and they will come” approach because the cryptocurrency ecosystem is evolving and changing so rapidly.

What many cryptocurrency projects really need is some experienced help with marketing to set them apart from the crowd.

Need For Crypto Marketing

Marketing is an ongoing effort, not a ‘set it and forget it’ undertaking. You’ll see that even well-established brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Ford Motors all invest heavily in marketing in order to remain at the top of their industries.

And with new and disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency, marketing is even more important because when it is done right it not only educates people about your project, but it acquires new project supporters and grows your community.

Need for ICO Marketing

That’s why you’ll find that the most successful crypto projects have invested heavily in marketing, both before and after their ICO/STO. Marketing is a key strategy for helping to build a community around crypto projects. Without a strong community, even the best blockchain project will struggle and likely fall into obscurity.

Rather than recruiting an expensive in-house marketing team to run marketing campaigns, most crypto projects have chosen to outsource their marketing to specialists in the field. The areas most typically handled by crypto marketing agencies include everything from social media and public relations to content marketing and display advertising.

Because marketing is so important to the success of a project, it is crucial that a good marketing agency is used. Not only must they be talented and effective, but they should also understand the vision and ethos of the project’s team. After all, how can anyone market something effectively without truly knowing what they are selling?

Top 8 Crypto Marketing Agencies

A few cryptocurrency marketing agencies are very well versed in the markets and they know what will be perceived as a value within the industry.

Choosing a specialist agency that is focused specifically on the crypto industry will help you hire personnel who know the market well, and can also connect projects with potential partners, organizations, and projects.

With all that aside, let’s have a look at the top picks for crypto marketing agencies in 2023.

Token Marketing is a crypto marketing agency born in the crypto bear market of 2018. The agency exclusively focuses on content marketing and steers clear of traditional marketing practices like Google ads, Facebook ads, and extortionate influencer deals which equate to $1 per view.

TokenMarketing Logo

Instead, the agency uses its knowledge and network to create organic campaigns, with a focus on client ROI and virality. The TokenMarketing team also occupies a somewhat unique position in crypto space, given they own and operate several crypto brands, websites, crypto promotion platforms and even their own YouTube channel with over 10K+ subscribers.

When this is combined with marketing client experience from the likes of Foresting, Jobchain, Nimiq and more, it is evident that the agency has a unique end-to-end perspective on both written and video content creation and distribution.

The TokenMarketing team also appears to have one of the strictest policies for agency team members to ensure the highest levels of content quality possible. When it comes to content writers and video scriptwriters, they state that all team members:

  • Have worked in the crypto space for 2+ years.
  • Hold a Master’s or MBA in a crypto-relevant field.
  • Are native English speakers.

In short, TokenMarketing simply focuses on creating video or written content and distributing it via their pre-existing network of influencers and crypto websites. The key here is that these influencers and websites have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are home to truly engaged audiences. We suspect that the TokenMarketing Team utilizes connections they use to market their own crypto brands.

However, what really sets the agency apart from others is its pricing. Campaign costs start from just $2,500 and go up to $10,000 per month. With the quality on offer, this seems to be very keenly priced and we expect that this is some sort of strategy to gain agency market share and we don’t expect these sorts of prices to be around for too long.


Based in Los Angeles, California, Crowdcreate has four years experience working in the tech and blockchain industry.

CrowdCreate Logo

They’ve successfully helped over 60 different projects, including several in the blockchain space. The blockchain projects handled by Crowdcreate include:

  • Lendingblock – The first securities lending platform for the crypto economy.
  • Galaxy eSoultions – Hybrid eCommerce ecosystem on blockchain in the multi-billion preowned and refurbished market.
  • Zilla – Safely invest in an ICO with 1 click. Zilla makes ICOs easy to understand and evaluate.
  • Open Platform – The first blockchain infrastructure for applications.
  • Bezant – A decentralized payment platform enabling the creation of robust applications.

Overall Crowdcreate has been responsible for raising $74.5 million for these five crypto projects. Forbes calls Crowdcreate:

The Number One Community Management & Growth Agency

Using data driven methodology, Crowdcreate is focused on PR outreach, influencer marketing, media management, video design and production, and branding for the crypto project.

Priority Token

Priority Token is an international agency providing fundraising, promotion, and consulting for the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. Based in the U.K., they have offices in London, Singapore, Moscow and Seoul. Over the years the agency has created a wide network of connections in the blockchain industry, as well as expertise with cryptocurrency promotion. This has made them one of the top three global ICO agencies for Marketing according to Hackernoon and Bitcoinist.

Priority Token logo

They offer tools such as referral projects, bounty (multi-token) programs, ICO management, group buys, real-time token emission, and other varieties of marketing campaigns. They can work with utility tokens in an ICO or IEO format, or with security tokens in an STO format.

Priority Token has worked with over 50 different projects, raising more than $200 million. Some of the notable clients have been:

  • Bitrewards – Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform.
  • Playkey – Decentralized cloud gaming platform.
  • Modultrade – Letter of Credit on blockchain without a bank.
  • Even – Fast and Secured Decentralized Exchange Platform.


Crynet is based in Prague, Czech Republic, which positions them between their European customers, and the huge blockchain communities of Asia. This gives them global coverage, including throughout China, South Korea, and Japan.

The agency has successfully supported over 400 clients, raising in excess of $350 million in capital. It has also been named a top ten ICO Marketing Agency by GoodFirms, a B2B research platform focused on the world’s best IT companies and software.

Crynet logo

Crynet was originally a digital marketing agency, but they have since grown into a full-service marketing agency. They have a wide range of services offered, including a broad selection for blockchain related projects. These services include PR campaigns, search ads, mobile promotion, social media and Telegram promotion, blockchain development support, tech services, and human resource support, and video demos.

Some past clients of Crynet include:

  • The Divi Project – A new solution to crypto’s $10 Trillion Prize: Mass Adoption.
  • HOQU – Bringing together merchants and affiliates without brokers using smart contracts to ensure transparent and fair deals.
  • Earth Token – Creating a Natural Asset Marketplace to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market.
  • PlayKey – Decentralized Cloud Gaming.
  • BetterBetting – Providing a Global Betting Liquidity Pool, BETR will become the exclusive crypto-currency of some of the world’s leading gaming operators.


The Byzantium team began offering their services in 2017. Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland the team consists of members with expertise in blockchain tech, marketing, PR, and investing. They focus on helping crypto projects find their target audience and raise funds quickly.

Byzantium logo

Calling themselves a success provider for early stage ventures, Byzantium has raised $152 million for their 12 clients to date. These clients include:

  • Bankex – Smart Assets technology to develop a new generation of decentralized capital markets.
  • NagaCoin – The world’s first crypto gateway to trade any sort of financial instrument.
  • CryptoPing – Bot for traders, which analyzes market movements, statistics, news, and social media, and gives buy and sell signals for crypto assets.
  • HumanIQ – Financial services with its own cryptocurrency aimed at eradicating poverty in the emerging economies.

The primary services offered by Byzantium include marketing and PR, connection building, and fundraising. In addition, they assess the crypto projects to determine their strong points and weak points, write whitepapers, develop roadmaps, calculate budgets, and develop distribution models and launch strategies for ICOs.


Coinzilla is an advertising agency for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects with its headquarters in Romania. It assists these projects in gaining exposure and recognition for their upcoming ICOs and projects by setting up advertising campaigns with a variety of publications from within the blockchain industry.

Coinzilla logo

Coinzilla isn’t terribly new in the crypto industry, having been established in November 2016. Since that time is has delivered over 12,000 campaigns and as of January 2020 it sees over 280 million ad impressions a month on over 450 different websites. It has served over 10,000 advertisers since 2016, and placed ads on over 20,000 publishers websites.

Coinzilla’s main services feature banner advertising, targeted marketing, API development for campaign ads, budget capping and many other tools that help the promotion of a project.


Applicature is a San Francisco, CA based agency with a variety of available marketing and advertising strategies available to their clients. With additional sales offices located in Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., it has recently begun growing its consulting, R&D, and marketing with offices in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

The brand was launched in 2011 by blockchain experts, who actually work with the code. One of the founders was one of the first to write a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Now the Applicature agency helps blockchain projects in a variety of way, including reviewing their business models and suggesting adjustments to better align them in the ever-changing crypto industry.

Applicature logo

Currently Applicature has five primary service offerings:

  • Consulting – Assist businesses in selecting an appropriate decentralized technology for the business model or token offering.
  • Marketing – Applicature delivers premium marketing services to boost crypto projects.
  • Blockchain Development – Applicature’s expert team of developers can build decentralized applications on best blockchain platforms with smart-contract execution, develop your own digital asset or integrate blockchain technology into your existing system.
  • Investor Relations for Startups – Expert hands-on approach with powerful fundraising recommendations and performance benchmarks.
  • Business Development – Implement strategies to attract global clients and increase awareness of the crypto project.

Since 2011 Applicature has helped over 100 clients with more than 150 projects, raising in excess of $300 million along the way. They’ve helped in the development of the blockchain based game CryptoFights, developed an Ethereum fork for Auxilium and shifted them Applicature Ethereum Proof of Stake (AEPoS), and helped SupplyBloc with their tokensale smart contract design.


Sparkchain is based in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Manhattan and Johannesburg, South Africa, and was established in 1999. Since then it has been marketing and advertising for emerging tech companies, financial companies, and most recently blockchain companies. They’ve worked with leading brands around the world, from upstarts to the Fortune 500, launched over 1000 tech companies, and their clients have seen $17B in exits.

They use public relations and integrated marketing campaigns to help their clients build a brand. As you might imagine, their offering are very broad, with services that include data-driven strategic planning, programmatic advertising, and basic content and social media promotion.

Sparkchain logo

Sparkchain has had success with clients in both the pre and post-ICO phase, and has worked with such clients as:

  • PeerPlays
  • CoinDash
  • Elph
  • SenSay
  • Simple Token

Through their expertise they’ve been able to help their clients grow, while also achieving added brand recognition. Because of their proven results they are the firt choice for many projects in their marketing campaigns.


When it comes to marketing a crypto project it is vitally important to find a marketing agency that understands both blockchain and marketing execution. That means the choice of a marketing agency could be one of the most important in a blockchain project’s existence.

Don’t forget that execution is important, but it isn’t everything. Communication flow is equally important. Project founders need an agency that understands them, and who can work effectively whether the founder is taking an active role in marketing or not.

Just as cryptocurrency projects work in different ways, so too do marketing agencies work in different ways, and choosing one that fits the project and is compatible with the business model can mean the different between an average marketing campaign and a real blockbuster.

At the end of the day it’s a wise decision to take some time and evaluate several marketing agencies to see which one will provide the best services for the project’s needs. It’s also good to see the style of the agency before working with them.

Most of the agencies in the list above will provide a free initial consultation, and that’s a good time to get to know them and their style, and find out what value they can add to the project. Marketing doesn’t come cheap, but the benefits it provides can be invaluable.

Disclaimer: These are the writer’s opinions and should not be considered investment advice. Readers should do their own research.
Steve has been writing for the financial markets for the past 7 years and during that time has developed a growing passion for cryptocurrencies.
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