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Bybit - Up $40,00 Bonus + 0% Maker Fee For 30 Days!
Expert crypto traders care about industry-leading derivative market liquidity, access to top automated trading tools, slick matching engines, and great customer support. This makes Bybit one of the most popular options amongst advanced crypto traders.
No US or UK Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
OKX – Exclusive 40% Spot Trading Fee Discount + Get Up To $20K In Bonuses
Yes, OKX has been around since 2016. However, most of the exchange’s focus has previously been on the Asian market. Times have changed and OKX appears to be intent on cracking the West with their recent rebrand.
There is a massive range of 100’s of alts for you to choose from and you can even buy crypto with Visa, bank transfer, Mastercard and ApplePay. On top of all of that, I’ve yet to see a lifetime trading fee discount and bonus higher than I’ve been able to get you guys on OKX.
No US or UK Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
Kucoin – Trading Fee Discount of Up To 60% + FREE Trading Bot!
Ask any crypto old timer and chances are that they have an account at Kucoin. After all, one out of every four crypto hodler’s does! That’s not a surprise given the selection of hundreds of altcoins on the exchange and a range of top-notch features like a great free crypto trading bot.
No US or UK Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
SwissBorg – DEPOSIT €50 GET UP TO €100 FREE!
The internet is awash with unhappy Coinbase customers complaining about shoddy customer support, high fees and a limited selection of cryptos. However, there is a new kid on the crypto block that is disrupting all that with a truly simple and quick way to convert those Euros and Pounds into your favourite cryptocurrencies.
No US or UK Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
Trezor - The safest crypto wallet in the world!
Thinking about taking the plunge into crypto markets? Well, you are going to need a way to convert that regular currency into crypto so you’ll be looking for an exchange for that.
Trezor one VS Trezor Model T
NGRAVE – 10% OFF The Coldest Hardware Wallet
Are you thinking about taking your crypto security to the next level? Well, you are going to need a hardware wallet. NGRAVE enables you to be the sole custodian of your crypto and to generate the perfect private key completely offline!
Use code COINBUREAU at checkout for 10% OFF!
Ellipal - 10% OFF Air-Gapped Cold Wallet
Do you think it is time to start taking your crypto’s security seriously and treat it like the million dollars it could one day be? Well, you are going to need to get yourself a hardware wallet. Ellipal allows you to take back control over your private keys in an air-gapped, anti-tamper, and easy-to-use way.
Ellipal Titan VS Titan Mini
Ledger – Store 1000+ Cryptos In Cold Storage
If you are going to take your crypto security seriously, then you are going to need to grab a hardware wallet. Ledger enables you to store over a thousand tokens and tokens securely and take back control over your private keys.
Store 1000+ Cryptos In Cold Storage
CoinStats- 43% off CoinStats Premium!
CoinStats is an industry-leading portfolio tracker and analytics tool. This portfolio tracker provides users with in-depth analytics along with a holistic 360-degree view of their cryptocurrency holdings and NFTs across wallets, exchanges, and DeFi protocols. CoinStats helps users make data-driven investment decisions while also offering a convenient self-custodial wallet and platform for buying and swapping cryptocurrencies. CoinStats has both a free and premium version.
Track Your Portfolio and Make Data-Driven Decisions with CoinStats!
Accointing - 40% OFF Top Crypto Tax Solution
No one likes taxes. Even fewer people like spending countless hours working out how much they need to pay. If you agree with that then you’ll want to use a crypto tax tool to make this as quick and painless as possible. 

Accointing helps you do just that by automating all those calculations for you. It supports generation of tax reports according to the specific tax rules of 🇨🇭 🇦🇹 🇩🇪 🇦🇺 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 & general tax reporting for the rest of the world! 

So, if you want to do your taxes the easy way then you’ll want to sign up to Accointing to give it a try. Even better, you can process your first 25 crypto transactions for FREE!
Koinly – Do Your Crypto Taxes In 20 Minutes!
Let’s face it, taxes are annoying. Even more annoying is having to spend days entering transactions into a spreadsheet and learning the ins and outs of tax reporting. If you value your time then you’ll probably want to automate as much of that as possible with a crypto tax solution.
Do your crypto taxes lightening fast
Binance – Exclusive 20% Trading Fee Discount For Life + $600 Bonus*!
Ask any crypto veteren what exchange is best and chances are they will all say Binance! That’s not very surprising seeing that Binance is home to a proverbial buffet of 100’s of altcoins, offers the best liquidity and damn reasonable trading fees.
No US or UK Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
Unstoppable Domains – Spend $250 & Get $125 In FREE Domains!*
With any new emerging asset class, it is those that get in on the ground floor that stand to make the biggest gains. After all, imagine if you had the foresight to get into regular internet domains in the 1990s.
Crypotohopper – 7 Day FREE Trial | World Class Crypto Trading Bot
Crypto markets are open 24/7 and that means that it’s easy to miss massive market moves and trading opportunities in your sleep. Some traders are happy to miss out but others grab themselves a top trading bot instead.
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