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Trading Crypto Related Equities

Trading Crypto-Related Equities: Complete Guide

Since the creation of cryptocurrencies, their returns have been amazing. If you entered before the last bull market or, even better, the one before that, then you will have made a ton of money. These huge returns from the crypto...

/ July 29, 2021
Plan B

Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow Model on Bitcoin: Beginner’s Guide

Since 2008 when the Bitcoin white paper was released, a key question for all who have considered investing in it has been how to value Bitcoin. When valuing stocks, we analyse a company’s fundamentals with different metrics and formulas like...

/ July 26, 2021

Cryptohopper Review: Complete Bot Overview

For those who want to start trading cryptocurrencies, but have little practical experience with trading, there’s a solution. Get started in the fast-paced trading world of cryptocurrencies with an automated cryptocurrency trading bot. But not just any crypto trading bot....

/ July 23, 2021
Wyckoff Method

How does the Wyckoff Method apply to Cryptocurrency Markets?

In the last few months, Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have been more or less trading sideways with a few bigger drops and pops. Many who have tried to enter the market when there were signs of a possible uptrend...

/ July 13, 2021
Investing in Cryptocurrencies Guide

Investing in Cryptocurrency in 2021: Complete Guide

2021 has been an incredible year for cryptocurrencies and for cryptocurrency investors. We’ve already seen the total value in cryptocurrencies surpass the $2.5 trillion level in May 2021, and adoption rates for cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing, not just on Wall Street,...

/ July 9, 2021
Crypto Trading vs Crypto Investing

Crypto Trading vs. Crypto Investing: Complete Beginner’s Guide

When thinking about buying and selling cryptocurrencies the terms investing and trading often get used interchangeably. While there are certainly similarities in crypto trading vs crypto investing, the two are actually very different in their goals. And traders have a...

/ July 3, 2021
Basics of Crypto Trading

The Basics of Crypto Trading: Complete 101 Guide

The cryptocurrency markets have become one of the most exciting places for traders, and more are entering crypto trading every single day. If you’ve landed here I presume you’re looking to join their ranks too. It’s good because this is...

/ July 2, 2021
BitMEX CFTC Lawsuit

BitMEX Lawsuit By The CFTC: Complete Overview

Crypto prices took a hit today as a double whammy of bad news unsettled the markets. First it was revealed that US president Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19, along with his wife, Melania. Not exactly surprising and you’d...

/ October 2, 2020

Exchange Volume Faking: How They Fake it Till They Make It

Since 2017 there have been reports that cryptocurrency exchanges are faking their volume, and most recently in March 2019 a report from Bitwise Asset Management gave the most detailed evidence of this, showing that 95% of Bitcoin volume is faked...

/ July 17, 2019
MyFX Markets Review

MyFX Markets Review: Forex Broker Overview

MyFX Markets is a relatively well established CFD broker that is based in Sydney, Australia. They give their traders the opportunity to trade a number of different markets such as cryptocurrencies, Forex and Commodities with leverage all the way up...

/ May 1, 2019