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eBay Signs with BitPay Partner Adyen

eBay Signs with BitPay Partner Adyen – Bitcoin Payments Coming Soon?

For the past few months, rumors have been swirling around that eBay is going to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. While nothing solid has come out yet, news of a major deal with payment Dutch provider Adyen could soon change that....

/ February 11, 2018
Litecoin overtaking Bitcoin Darkweb

On The Dark Web, Litecoin is Gaining Ground on Bitcoin for Payments

Bitcoin has been the cryptocurrency of choice on darknet markets since its inception. However, the increased fees and slow transaction times are forcing darknet users to consider other coins. Indeed, Bitcoin has become too mainstream for criminals as the extent...

/ February 8, 2018
LianLian Partners with Ripple

Large Chinese Payment Network Partners with Ripple: More to Come?

The fourth largest payment processor in China, LianLian has announced that they will officially be partnering with Ripple in order to make use of the company’s blockchain technology for cross border payments. The hope is that RippleNet, as the technology...

/ February 7, 2018
Litepay Litecoin Payment Processor

Litecoin to Get Own Payment Processor This February – Litepay

Litecoin, the ever popular altcoin that frequently boasts fast transaction times and low fees is about to get its own payment provider. The of the soon to be payment provider is Litepay. It may even get its own set of...

/ February 7, 2018
Robinhood Enters Crypto

Robinhood Announces Fee-Less Crypto Trading, Buzz Grows

Robinhood is an already popular mobile trading app that lets users trade stocks, with no trading fees, right from the comfort of their smartphone. Now, Robinhood wants in on the Bitcoin Boom. That’s because on January 25th, Robinhood announced they’d...

/ January 26, 2018

Could Alibaba be Launching a Cryptocurrency Mining Giant?

Alibaba is indeed in a league of its own. The Ecommerce giant has completely reshaped the online marketplace in China and has now set its sights on a more ambitious takeover. According to a few unconfirmed reports, the company could...

/ January 17, 2018
The Case for Privacy Coins

Could Monero Ever Challenge Bitcoin? The Case for Privacy Coins

When Bitcoin was first envisioned and developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the goal was to create a truly decentralised, anonymous and secure digital currency. The anonymity point was a strong one as people valued privacy. Due to the fact that Bitcoin...

/ January 16, 2018
Mike Novogratz to Launch Crypto Merchant Bank

Mike Novogratz to Launch Crypto Merchant Bank in $400m Investment

When it comes to cryptocurrency proponents on Bitcoin, Michael Novogratz is one of the most well-known. As an ex Goldman and hedge fund trader, he has come out in the past and chastised his fellow Wall Streeters as “old”. He...

/ January 10, 2018
Bitcoin ETF Application Withdrawn

Two Potential BTC ETF Proposals Withdrawn: Blow for Bitcoin?

There have been many that were hoping that the recent launch of Bitcoin Futures by the CBOE and the CME may give rise the eventual adoption of a Bitcoin ETF (Exchnage Traded Fund). Indeed, even before the launch of any...

/ January 9, 2018
Virtual Currency Girls Japan

Virtual Currency Girls in Japan Promoting Cryptocurrencies

As a sign of how crypto crazy Japan has become, there is a group of teenage girls that are called the “Virtual Currency Girls” which are helping to spread the word of cryptocurrencies. There are 8 members in this group...

/ January 8, 2018