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Filippo is an all-round digital asset enthusiast, DeFi-NFT lover and Cambridge University linguist looking to deliver only the most up-to-date information on the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and the most exciting developments in the space.

Blockchain Insurance Protocols

Blockchain Insurance Protocols: Protecting your Crypto Funds

For centuries, the traditional insurance business model has proven to be an incredibly resilient one. However, traditional insurance is starting to feel the effects of digitisation as emerging, innovative technologies have gradually come to life on the scene and are...

/ August 4, 2021
Fractionalized NFT

Fractionalised NFTs – Making Non-Fungible Tokens Affordable

NFTs are reforming the crypto space in a truly unprecedented fashion and have come to firmly establish themselves within the ecosystem. This is because non-fungible tokens are able to forward intricate value preservation infrastructures and are effectively redesigning the concept...

/ July 31, 2021
Guide to Starting Yield Farming

Getting Starting with Yield Farming: The ONLY Guide you Need

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Bitcoin and blockchain to the world of FinTech and, ever since its inception, this intricate monetary architecture has come to utterly disrupt the process of wealth creation. In fact, throughout the last decade, blockchain...

/ July 28, 2021
Cross-chain Bridges

What Are Cross-Chain Bridges: And Their Importance for DeFi

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has come to embody one of the most intriguing, versatile and exciting segments of the digital asset space. With its ecosystem growing at such an exponential rate, DeFi has firmly established itself as a natively disruptive technology...

/ July 26, 2021

Crypto Staking: The Dividends Of Blockchain

It is by now clear that the digital asset space and its diverse ecosystem of tokens are here to stay. However, apart from the on-going regulatory uncertainties, the constant banning of cryptocurrency in different geographical regions and the incessant FUD...

/ July 23, 2021

Solrise Finance: Decentralised Fund Management On Solana

The DeFi ecosystem has come such a long way since the beginning of 2020, bringing life to some very attractive alternatives to the products and services offered by traditional financial infrastructures. From lending and borrowing protocols to high APY staking...

/ July 20, 2021

Uniswap Review: Decentralised Trading Protocol

Over the course of the last few years, the digital asset space has entirely re-architected the financial ecosystem as we know it and has generated some of the most value-rich, avant-garde economic applications. In fact, with the arrival of Decentralised...

/ July 17, 2021
Top 10 ICOs

Top 10 ICOs With The Highest ROI

In today’s crypto sphere, DeFi and NFTs have absolutely stolen the show and have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. In the trendy world that is cryptocurrency, however, the greatest levels of anticipation and hype...

/ July 17, 2021
Convergence Protocol

Convergence Finance Protocol: Putting Real Assets in DeFi

As we progressively move towards more tech-oriented realities and become naturally accustomed to engaging with digitisation on a day to day basis, our concept of money and of value is, of course, bound to undergo somewhat of an essential transition....

/ July 10, 2021
Parachains Explained

What Are Parachains? Complete Beginner’s Guide

Every blockchain infrastructure fundamentally strives to achieve 3 main objectives: Decentralisation, Security and Scalability. The process of implementing all three principles simultaneously, however, constitutes one of the biggest challenges in the crypto space and is indeed a hurdle that is...

/ July 4, 2021