Crypto Earn

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Crypto Earn

  • Nexos

    Nexo – Earn Up To 18% Crypto interest & Get Up To $150 In FREE BTC!

    Ever wondered if you could keep that market exposure to crypto and earn from it at the same time? Well, that’s all possible at Nexo. You can simply supply your cryptocurrency on the platform and earn up to 18% interest per year.

    So yep, you can get paid to wait until that crypto hits the price point you want. Even better, those interest payments are paid every day – which means you can redeploy your crypto to other projects whenever you want.

    Also, if you deposit $1,500 or more, then you’ll get $150 in FREE BTC – not too shabby at all!

    Earn Crypto Interest
  • BlockFi – Earn Up To 8.5% Crypto Interest + $250 Bonus!

    Are you sitting there with a bunch of crypto in a hardware wallet? Sure, you can keep all those coins there or you could put them to work and earn even more crypto. If you are waiting for those crypto prices to go to the moon, this could be a strategy to interest you.

    For those wanting to take the plunge, you can earn up to 8.5% crypto interest on BlockFi!