How to get going?

You can bag that top-notch deal on Bitget and give the exchange a try for yourself in just three simple steps.

1. Sign up to Bitget

Enter your email and desired Bitget account password into the account creation form and then click ‘sign up’.

2. Deposit

Login to your Bitget account and hover over the ‘Assets’ button in the top right corner. You’ll then see a dropdown expand and a ‘Deposit’ button – click that little guy. Next you’ll be taken to the deposit page, here you can select what crypto you want to deposit on the exchange.

3. Trade

Check the list of options at the top of the Bitget homepage and you’ll see a ‘Spot’ button. This will expand into a dropdown when you hover over it and you’ll see a ‘Spot Trading’ option to click. Once done you’ll be taken to the Bitget trading interface to place your first trade.

How Does The 60% Trading Fee Discount Work?

Make your first trade on Bitget and you’ll enjoy a 60% trading fee discount on spot and futures for 30 days. This discount will be paid automatically into your spot account everyday. After 30 days this offer will end.

How Does The $8K Bonus Work?

This is a futures trading bonus, which means that the only people who should take advantage of this are experienced traders only. The size of the bonus awarded is linked to your first deposit. A full breakdown of this is shown below: