ByBit – Exclusive $40,000 Bonus + 0% Maker Fee For 30 Days + $30 Airdrop!*

Trade spot and derivates with top liquidity, access to automated trading tools, and much, much more...

No US Users (i) | Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)
No 🇺🇸 US Users (i)

The Coin Bureau Team has researched this service and has not been able to discern which US States it is licensed in. As far as we understand, US users are NOT permitted to use this service or create an account.

Therefore, US users should look at alternative services that are fully licensed and should take care to ensure that the service is licensed in their state of residence.

Leverage Should Only Be Used By Expert Traders (ii)

Offers leveraged products. These are for experienced traders ONLY and are complex instruments that come with a high risk of losing money rapidly. Experienced traders should consider if they can afford to take the risk of losing their money.

Coin Bureau considers leverage above 5x as excessively risky.

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How to get going?

1. Sign Up To Bybit
1. Sign Up To Bybit
Enter your email and password in the account creation form and click ‘Get My Welcome Gifts’.
2. Deposit
2. Deposit
Once logged into your ByBit account, hover over the ‘Assets’ button in the navigation ribbon at the top of your account area and click ‘Deposit’. You can then select the crypto you want to deposit on ByBit and you will be provided with a deposit address to send funds to and make that deposit on the Bybit platform.
3. Trade
3. Trade
Navigate to the ‘Trade’ button at the top of your screen and select the market you want to trade from the dropdown.

*$40,000 Bonus & $30 Airdrop Terms & Conditions

$40,000 Bonus
The $40,000 bonus is split into two separate chunks.

Note: A $350k deposit & $200M USDT volume is sufficient to claim both bonuses for $40k total

Upon completing bonus tasks you can receive your bonus rewards in your rewards hub. You have 14 days to complete the bonus tasks. Also, if you withdraw ANY of your deposits within three days after the 14-day bonus period you will be automatically disqualified from the bonus.

$30 Airdrop

The $30 airdrop is available for the first 500 people per month, who sign up to ByBit using Coin Bureau Trading’s ByBit link. To get the $30 USDT airdrop users must complete the following steps:

1. Sign up to ByBit using Coin Bureau Trading’s ByBit link

2. KYC

3. First-time deposit of $100+

4. Complete a trade 

This airdrop is not a bonus and is credited in withdrawable USDT.