SwissBorg – DEPOSIT €50 GET UP TO €100 FREE!

The internet is awash with unhappy Coinbase customers complaining about shoddy customer support, high fees and a limited selection of cryptos. However, there is a new kid on the crypto block that is disrupting all that with a truly simple and quick way to convert those Euros and Pounds into your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Yes, you can buy and sell that crypto quickly and easily in a simple and straight-forwad app. Really, crypto doesn’t need to be cryptic. However, Swissborg also offers top-notch interest rates on your cryptos too with up to 37% interest available! That’s better than your bank will offer you by quite a margin!

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How to get going?

Yes, crypto could be one of the most exciting opportunities out there. But the truth is that most people are put off getting involved by the complexity of crypto exchanges. Swissborg solves that pain-point with a beautiful and straight-forward mobile app. If you need more help to get started then you’ll want to watch my complete walkthrough on how to buy crypto using Swissborg!

1. Sign Up To Swissborg
Enter your mobile number, email and personal details into the app. Once you have verified these, you’ll have to verify your ID with an identity document and a selfie – it only takes a minute.
2. Deposit
Hit the ‘deposit’ button within the app and you’ll be shown the local currency for the country you are based. Click that bad boy and you’ll see Swissborg bank details. Then just login to your online banking and use those Swissborg bank deets to make a deposit.
3. Trade
Once your deposit goes through, navigate to the ‘marketplace’ and select the crypto you want to buy. Then you’ll see a big ‘buy’ button. Select the balance you want to use and type in the amount of the crypto you want to buy. You’ll be quoted a price and you just need to confirm your purchase, then you have your crypto. Simples!