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Last updated: Mar 30, 2023
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Carebit was founded by Attiq Rahman, who had a dream of creating a cryptocurrency as a charity. Carebit's goal is to run fundraisers for charitable causes. The project has already run its first successful fundraiser, and just launched the second one.

Carebit's core values are total transparency and non profit. We are currently finishing a tracking tool that will become available online, which can be used to track all donations that have been done. Our website also shows all of the projects' assets.

We plan to be an independent charity helping people all over the world. we will employ individuals from all over the globe that will personally go to sites and people that need help and deliver goods. so we will not have to rely on any other existing charities, and this will help us operate in a transparent manner.

There will be two types of funds in Carebit. The Emergency fund and a fund to help existing charities after screening and due diligence. An emergency fund will be delivered to the recipients immediately after any disaster situation to save time in helping those who need it quick. This will usually be given out initially from company funds and an event raised to collect donations later on. This will help Carebit to save time and reach any part of the world sooner than anyone else can.

Carebit holds its assets, and has two donation wallets for CARE and BTC. In addition, Care has a donation wallet for company expenses as we operate on non profit basis. In its early stages, BTC donations for company expenses will be a huge help to preserve company assets. Furthermore, any donation amounts in our wallets will not be used in a way to create price spikes. In case of an emergency, BTC donations will be used immediately and a campaign to raise funds in Care will be started at a later stage.

Our blockchain is a POS, meaning that we have masternodes running on our network, which create a passive income stream for interested investors. The new tier system we just announced will make this even more interesting.

Investing in Carebit, is investing in people.


Carebit’s First Fundraiser Charity Winner


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