Web3’s Wild-themed Vendetta Games is the Latest Game Coming on Immutable zkEVM

Last updated: Feb 05, 2024
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Vendetta Games, the Red Dead Redemption-style web3 free-to-play wild-west game has partnered with web3 gaming platform, Immutable. The partnership aims to enable the company to continue its game development and integrate various Immutable features within its ecosystem. 

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Through the partnership, Vendetta aims to activate Immutable Passport as well as Immutable zkEVM to its website, game, and marketplace, focusing on creating player-centred experiences through using features such as Immutable Passport, which is a completely self-custodial wallet with easy player onboarding solely through email addresses, and share liquidity across all Immutable games.  

For Immutable, one of the dominant platforms within the web3 space, the partnership is a chance to put a further stronghold on the company’s vision of web3 and further implement blockchain technology in gaming. For Vendetta Games, it’s undoubtedly a step towards expanding into broader audiences and enabling easier access and a seamless experience for its game, Chalk River. 

Vendetta Games, the company behind Chalk River, recently minted out its Frontier Collection on OpenSea, generating over 550 Ethereum in total secondary market revenue, as it publicly released 888 free-to-mint NFTs, and a $40,000 prize pool in Vendetta Games VDT tokens.

“We are incredibly happy to continue Vendetta Games’ development in partnership with Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, and can’t wait to see how this goes, especially with the support of their community,” said Alex McConnell, founder of Vendetta Games. “Every passing day, web3 gaming moves closer towards creating those seamless experiences we all see in big traditional titles, and so the fact that we get the chance to utilize Immutable’s technology in helping us achieve that is something we’re looking forward to a lot.” 

Vendetta Games recently closed its pre-alpha version with over 5,000 testers. It aims to expand and launch its ecosystem token VDT later this year, which acts as the lifeblood token across all of Vendetta Games’ upcoming titles. 

Directed by CEO and founder Alex McConnell, Vendetta Games also hosts a range of side games within its flagship Chalk River metaverse, which include casinos, shootouts, horse racing, horse breeding and more. 

Vendetta Games is a free-to-play game that doesn’t debut its full release until later this year, but its current gameplay footage, the pre-alpha version, and information about what’s to come is getting a few people off their seats. 

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