The Bull Market is Coming: Is Your Crypto Secure?

Last updated: Nov 08, 2023
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While traditional hardware wallets have been the ‘gold standard’ in secure self-custody, over $100 Billion dollars of Bitcoin (alone!) has been lost or stolen in the last 10 years because of seed phrase mismanagement. This includes funds lost to hardware wallet users. A new breed of crypto wallet is claiming they’re more secure, without the problems associated with seed phrases.

Launched in 2018, Zengo is an advanced self-custodial crypto wallet with an impressive statistic: Zero hacks or wallets drained (and over 1,000,000 users globally). Instead of using a seed phrase, Zengo leverages secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to build what some industry experts feel is the most secure crypto wallet - even more secure than traditional hardware wallets.

According to Zengo, this impressive feat was by design, a result of Zengo’s decision to build a self-custodial wallet with no seed phrase or private key, instead leveraging secure multi-party computation (MPC) technology, which has been used by institutions for years but had not been available for consumers until Zengo was launched by a team of cryptographers and security researchers with decades of experience in cybersecurity.

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Seed phrase wallets are notorious for being susceptible to daily hacks and wallet drainers. Zengo’s differentiation is not just about numbers, but a resounding endorsement of their innovative approach to self-custody using MPC.

As the crypto world braces itself for the impending bull market, Zengo launched an additional layer of advanced self-custodial and security features including Theft Protection that ties all approvals to biometric verification you set up, and a built-in inheritance feature that requires no KYC. (Learn more about Zengo Pro and these advanced features here).  These features reflect a trend of new, more secure ways to self-custody.

Is Zengo Wallet the silver bullet we’ve been looking for in secure (and simple) self-custody? You decide for yourself - but one thing is clear: Zengo is not like every other wallet. 

Check out Coin Bureau's dedicated Zengo review, which does a deep dive into all the features and functions of the Zengo wallet. This is a wallet that is worth checking out before the next bull market hits.

About Zengo

Zengo wallet is a self-custodial wallet with no seed phrase vulnerability. Zengo's team is made up of industry experts and cybersecurity professionals with years of experience who worked to create the first enterprise-grade self-custodial MPC wallet available to consumers.

For more information, and to experience Zengo’s unrivalled security first-hand, visit and follow them on X (Twitter).

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