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Ripple Summit with Central Banks

Ripple Joins Central Bankers to Talk About the next Generation of Payments

At Carnegie hall in New York, Ripple recently hosted the “Central Bank Summit on Blockchain”. Central bankers from at least 24 different countries attended the conference to talk about how technology is likely to impact the global payment landscape. The...

/ November 14, 2017
Malaysia Central Bank Ban

Malaysian Central Bank to Decide on Digital Currency Regulation

Bank Negera Malaysia, the central bank of Malaysia will be deciding on how to regulate digital currencies in the country. There is also a possible ban on the cards according to one local news source. Although this may be a...

/ October 6, 2017
Namibian Central Bank Says Bitcoin Purchases are illegal

Namibian Central Bank Says Bitcoin Purchases are illegal

The Central Bank of Namibia has made a statement that all Cryptocurrency exchanges or relating transactions are to be declared illegal. According to financial researchers, Cryptocurrencies have been linked to a number of different money laundering events that have taken...

/ September 16, 2017