Billionaires Launder Fiat... NOT CRYPTO!!

Nov 16, 2020

Are you guys sick and tired of all the times people talk about "Crypto and money laundering"? About how the Main Stream Media runs article after article perpetuating this tired stereotype??

I know I am.

It's even more frustrating when you know just how much money laundering is done in the traditional financial system. Shady billionaires from around the world are not using Bitcoin to cash out their ill-gotten gains.

Fun Fact: Did you know that fiat money laundering makes up between 2-5% of Global GDP!!

So, I thought that it was high time that we debunked some crypto myths.

This is exactly what I cover in my latest video 📺

I take a look at the current landscape for fiat money laundering and how pervasive it really is. I take you through some real-life examples about how billionaires in countries like China are able to offshore their cash and avoid paying tax.

I will also show you just how asinine it is for people to associate crypto with money laundering when it's happening right under their very noses in the traditional financial system.

This was a fun one to research folks, so I hope you enjoy it 😎


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