Binance Coin: BNB Any Potential in 2022?! Deep Dive!

Jun 17, 2022

Hey Guys,

Bitcoin breaking through the 20k level is not something I wanted to see this weekened

The past 2 weeks have been so crazy that you may even have missed the news that the SEC could be looking into Binance's 2017 ICO.

Obviously this could have huge ramifications for both BNB and the crypto market because Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

Given that it's been a while since I've covered BNB, I decided to do a deep dive and see whether it still has any potential, whether the SEC's case against Binance could succeed and what this could mean for BNB and the crypto market.

It's safe to say that what I found was interesting. BNB is truly a cryptocurrency unlike any other, and though the SEC could win its case against Binance (in my opinion), its possible that it won't have any effect on BNB.

Hope it takes your mind off the markets!


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