BITCOIN SELL-OFF COMING?? DCG & Gemini Court Battle!

Jul 14, 2023

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There’s no shortage of black swans swimming in the crypto market these days, and one of the biggest is the possible implosion of Digital Currency Group. This possibility was all but forgotten until Gemini sued DCG. Now the risk is center stage, and very real.

Trying to fill you in here is a futile endeavor, but consider this. DCG is arguably the largest company in cryptocurrency. It has a stake in almost every major crypto company and project, not counting the billions in BTC, ETH, and other cryptos it holds.

DCG also happens to be billions of dollars in debt, and hasn’t managed to pay up yet. Creditors are getting impatient, and DCG has been trying to avoid liquidating its portfolio for as long as it can. In the next few months, it may have no other choice.

You need to watch this one until the end.


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