China Is Reopening!! How Will It Affect The Markets!?

Feb 02, 2023

Hey Guys,

If you've been keeping up with the headlines then you've probably seen a few about how China's exit from the CCP's nonsensical zero COVID strategy is somehow going to result in a bull market for assets that will last until the end of time.

Jokes aside, there's been lots of speculation about what China's reopening means for the markets, and today's video is my attempt at trying to make sense of all the different possible outcomes. Inflation is definitely one possibility, but it's not guaranteed.

It seems that the Chinese economy isn't nearly as robust as investors make it out to be. This makes sense given that the largest chunk of China's economy is manufacturing, the demand for goods in consuming countries like the US has been down since last summer.

This is definitely a video you don't want to miss!


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