China's Economic CRASH: Why It's Coming & What It Means

Aug 23, 2022

Hey Guys,

One of the biggest risks to the global economy now appears to be what is going on in China. In case you missed it, last week the PBoC issued an emergency rate cut. This came at a time when all the other central banks are increasing their rates to tackle inflation.

But, there is good reason for the PBoC to worry. That's because the Chinese economy is slowing on nearly all fronts. Industrial, retail & residential.

However, it's that last one that the most troubling. While we have covered the risks of the Chinese real estate sector on many occasions, it appears as if that bubble is beginning to burst. And, when a sector that accounts for 30% of your GDP falls to the floor, it brings down the entire economy.

There are also concerns about what impact this could have on the Chinese banking sector. Could this (together with mortgage protests) lead to a full-scale financial crisis?

Well, that's exactly what will be explored in my video today. I will be taking an in-depth look at some of that recent economic data and analysing exactly what it could mean for their economy. I will also be explaining exactly how much of a house of cards the Chinese property market is and why it is unlikely to recover.

This you don't want to miss!


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