Crypto Hedge Fund Report: Why You NEED To Pay Attention!!

Jul 29, 2022

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Hope you enjoyed the livestream! Time to leave you with another video just before you head out for the weekend.

Now, part the reason that the recent crypto downturn has been unlike any other is because institutions have been exiting their positions en masse. Either this was because they were forced to sell or because they never really were that convinced of its long-term potential.

However, there are still some institutions out there that are in it for the long term. One of those is Pantera capital, one of the oldest crypto hedge funds on the market. In fact, the Pantera Bitcoin fund is the oldest Bitcoin fund and since its inception it has returned 26,000%.

The fund’s founder, Dan Morehead, writes a monthly newsletter called "Blockchain Letter" which is open for all to see. I have been a regular reader of these and have done videos on previous newsletters.

Well, their report for July is quite helpful as it comes at a time when crypto has experienced one of its biggest shakeouts to date. It helps to get an idea of how they view the market and the crypto space.

In my video today, I break down their latest letter and give some of my own thoughts and commentary on it. I also give you my perspective on where we could be going over the coming few months.

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