CRYPTO Market Predictions! This Report Tells What Happens NEXT!!

Oct 18, 2023

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If you want to know what’s going on in the crypto market, you need to watch the whales. 

Where can you find the whales you ask? Well, Bitfinex seems to be a popular destination, and the exchange recently put out a crypto market report.

As you can imagine, the report was packed with alpha, and it also made a few predictions that came true (kind of). More importantly, the report revealed what the expert whale watchers are watching, and how to make sense of what they’re seeing. 

The fact that Bitfinex is Tether’s sister company is really the cherry on top. It adds lots of context to what was said in the report, and that alone says a lot. 

Granted that there’s lots of speculation in this context, but that’s what crypto is all about, isn’t it? 



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