Crypto News: Bitcoin RALLY, ETFs, ETH Updates, TUSD & More!

Jun 25, 2023

Hey Guys,

I’m back at the Coin Bureau HQ with another weekly crypto review!

It’s been a very green week, so it’s safe to say that I’m feeling well rested after my ‘vacation’. As always, investors seem to have missed a few other important headlines.

For starters, Ethereum developers are discussing some upgrades that could affect its blockchain’s decentralisation. Concerns are also starting to arise about some other stablecoin issuers. Blackrock’s spot Bitcoin ETF application could also be a bearish sign.

In the middle of all of this, meme coins have been popping off, as well as Bitcoin forks. This makes sense, but it presents a mixed picture for what we can expect this week. Be sure to stick around until the end to see where the top performing cryptos are headed next.



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