Crypto News: XRP Win, BTC Price, ETH, Binance FUD & MORE!!

Jul 18, 2023

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It’s been an exciting week to say the least. The Ripple’s win against the SEC has been front and center, but it’s hard to call it a clean victory given the circumstances. The silver lining is that it caused just about every altcoin to pump.

Ripple’s partial victory also appears to have woken up ETH. Ethereum dominance seems to have found a local bottom against Bitcoin, and this could signal a small altcoin season for ETH and other alts. There’s more to it than that, as you’ll see.

On the macro front, it seems that investors around the world are calling on China to stimulate before it enters and inevitable recession. So far, China and resisted, and this restraint could be holding the crypto market back from its full potential.



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