Crypto Tax Software: 4 of The BEST TOOLS!!

Jun 29, 2020

Hi Guys,

It is time for another video and this may not be the most pleasant topic...

Taxes. More specifically, taxes on crypto. It's been the bane of my existence in the past especially when it came to sorting out how much I owed.

Yes, you could squirrel away those insane gains and hope no one notices. However, I personally like to sleep well at night and that means working out how much I need to hand over to the government every year.

Of course, our time is precious. Do you really want to spend weeks combing through endless transactions and looking up historical price data manually? Or would you rather spend a couple of dollars and get all that automated for you?

Personally, it seems like a no-brainer - use a crypto tax software tool.

In my latest video I go through the top four crypto tax software solutions on the market right now and tell you about their pros and cons.

You can check all that out right now 👇



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► CryptoTrader.Tax:

► Bear.Tax:

► CoinTracking:

► Koinly:



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