Fantom: FTM Still Have Potential? What You NEED To Know!

Mar 17, 2022

Hey Guys,

I've been a huge fan of Fantom for quite some time, and if I'm being honest with myself, it is partially because of Andre Cronje's involvement in the project.

This seems to have been the case for many FTM holders as well, and now we're all wondering what's next for Fantom.

For those who somehow missed the memo, Andre left the crypto industry earlier this month, and the 25 projects associated with him took a beating including FTM. Some say it was a long time coming, but I personally think something sudden happened behind the scenes.

Whatever the reason for Andre's departure, I reckon it's clear that it's put a dent in Fantom's ecosystem. While he wasn't all that involved with the project's core development anymore, he definitely helped bring awareness to it and was actively advising the core team as well.

That said though, there's more to Fantom's ecosystem than one man. Fantom has lots of exciting projects and even more exciting upcoming milestones that could take FTM on a tear. My only real concern about the project relates to FTM's tokenomics. You'll see what I mean.


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