Flow: Any Potential?! This You NEED To Know!

Mar 10, 2022

Hey Guys,

As you know I've been crazy about NFTs lately, and it hit me the other day that I had yet to cover one of the biggest NFT cryptocurrencies of them all: Flow.

Flow (also known as the Flow Blockchain) was founded by the same team that created the CryptoKitties NFT game that clogged up Ethereum back in 2017.

In contrast to just about every crypto project out there, Flow went straight from zero to mainstream adoption with brands like the NBA, NFL, and the UFC.

Flow's NFT marketplaces have attracted millions of users, and it's blockchain has barely been around for 2 years!

What's more is that the Flow blockchain itself uses a unique architecture that's said to be scalable, decentralised, and secure (though this is debatable as you'll soon see).

The FLOW coin on the other hand saw a substantial chunk of its supply 'flow' into the hands of the Flow community, and the company behind Flow has over 600 million in its war chest.

From the outside looking in, Flow looks unstoppable, but when you take a look under the hood, there are a few challenges I foresee.

If you're into NFTs at all or just looking for that top next smart contract cryptocurrency, today's video is a must watch!


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