LEAKED EU Crypto Bill! Here's What's Coming To Europe!!

Jan 10, 2020

Hey Guys,

If you've been keeping up with the crypto media you might have heard that the final draft of Europe's upcoming crypto regulations was leaked.

As it so happens, we managed to get our hands on the document thanks to the help of a European crypto policy analyst.

Not surprisingly, the regulations - dubbed Markets in Crypto Assets or MiCA - are extremely dense. The leaked document is a whopping 1050 pages long with lots of repetition, making it impossible to search through by keyword.

That didn't stop me! The biggest takeaway is probably that truly decentralised DeFi protocols will not be regulated in Europe.

This is huge news, and the other promising provisions could set the stage for a massive crypto bull run when they come into force in 2024.

Keep your eye on this!


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